The WWETT Show is finally here, and we’ve got some brand new tools that our friends at RIDGID will be releasing later on this year; for now, let’s talk about some of the neat features that they’ve included on an all-new Drum Machine and SeeSnake Mini Pro!

RIDGID’s new Drum Machine is one that’s sure to grace many a wishlist upon its release. The 1.5 horsepower brushless DC motor spins at a whopping 240 RPM, giving you enough drive to power through your day with ease. A real-time cable counter delivers the distance your cable has traveled in line measurements for quick assessment and feedback on the job, while the Autofeed technology feeds and recalls the cable at up to twenty-two feet per minute. This also leads to quicker tool-free drum changes, as well as simple, tool free setup. The on-board FXP technology is capable of switching between battery power and DC adapter power to continuous, all-day runtime, and with its maximum reach of 250 feet, you’ll barely need to move! The all-new RIDGID Drum Machine launches in early Spring 2023.

The all-new Ridgid K-4310 FXP Drum Machine

Now, we all know how incredible RIDGID’s SeeSnake line is when it comes to pipe inspection, and we hardly need to go into detail at just how fantastic the quality of the materials, picture, and camera are with RIDGID’s products; what we will talk about, however, are the amazing new features on the brand new SeeSnake Mini Pro. Two hundred feet of mid-stiff push cable make it easy to navigate turs and power through long, straight distances, and the 25mm self-leveling camera provides a high-quality, crystal clear image the entire time, while being able to maintain its orientation and keep the image right-side-up at all times. TruSense technology provides a two-way communication link between the camera sensors and a TruSense monitor to send information, as well as providing access to High Dynamic Range video, for superior clarity and maximum detail in the image. A TiltSense Inclinometer will display the tilt of the camera’s head right on a TruSense monitor, and also gives you the ability to pan and zoom digitally. Finally, a 512Hz FleXmitter sonde is able to locate and ping points of interest in the line using SeekTech or NaviTrack locators. RIDGID’s all-new SeeSnake Mini Pro launches early to mid Spring 2023.

RIDGID’s new SeeSnake Mini Pro

Both of RIDGID‘s incredible items will be available at Ohio Power Tool before you know it, so be sure to keep an eye out for pre-order announcements, and feel free to reach out at or 614-481-2111 with any comments, questions, or concerns, and be sure to follow us wherever you consume your social media to stay up to date on all the latest news, announcements, deals, and more!