The upgraded Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Sockets are changing the game for the socket world. They come in 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2’”, 3/4”, and 1” options to fit all the ratchets, drivers, and adapters needed to get the job done right. This is Milwaukee‘s most expansive and versatile socket release yet, with over 390 deep- and standard-socket options in both SAE and metric measurements.

How Are These Different?

This new range of Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Sockets are designed to solve the most common user complaints for impact sockets. The most noticeable physical features are their bold, long-lasting markings that make it easy to distinguish between the wide range of socket diameters. Most sockets on the market have small, engraved markings that can be hard to read, so Milwaukee decided to put larger indicators on the Impact Duty Sockets and fill them with white for even more contrast. As you can see, there is a major difference in the size and visibility of the markings on the newer sockets compared to the older ones from Milwaukee, ensuring that you can find the right socket quickly and easily in your toolbox. Milwaukee claims that these are the boldest and longest lasting markings on the market for maximum durability.

This release provides a full range of solutions for professional users, especially those who work in the automotive industry. There are now options up to 1” for those who work on trucks and heavy machinery as well. Their extensive range of impact sockets ensures that users can find the right socket for their application, no matter how large or small. They are designed to be the strongest in the market and will make for a great addition to any toolbox.

How Do They Perform?

Each socket in this range has a 6-point design made of high-impact steel to tackle the toughest applications. This design prevents the sockets and fasteners from rounding over time because there are more direct points of contact between the fastener and the socket. Keeping those fasteners in tact will save you from a lot of frustration on the jobsite. Additionally, the full range is backed by Milwaukee’s Lifetime Guarantee to cover any defect in material and workmanship, no questions asked.

Which One Is Right For Me?

Let’s talk deep versus standard socket options. The Impact Duty Sockets come in deep and standard options for metric and SAE. With a standard socket, you can get into tighter spaces and they work great for standard sized bolts… Obviously. But if you are dealing with a longer bolt, you may not even reach the nut before the bolt reaches the end of the socket. What socket set you need will depend on what kind of application you will be working on.

Along with the full range of sockets, there are also various sets and accessories, including socket extensions, universal joints, adapters, and reducers available for the impact duty sockets. The new sets come in slim cases or on rails for a more portable option. The cased sets have removeable hinge pins so you can fold the case down flat to fit securely in your PACKOUT toolbox drawers. There is a great assortment of kit options ranging from 3-piece to 43-piece sets to save you money and make sure you have every tool you need for the job.

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