‘Twas the week of Christmas, and all through the house,
Everybody was stressing and running about.
While last minute panic and chaos ensue,
Hazards are lurking, that may just harm you!
At work and at home you should be extra cautious,
And avoid situations that could make you quite nauseous.
While this time of year can be crazy at work,
Avoiding workplace hazards is always a perk.

Injury is common from ice and the snow,
So always be careful; especially in a construction zone.
When you’re handling tools or heavy machinery,
Being distracted can often be deadly.
Always be careful on your way up a ladder,
For falling at work is no laughing matter.
Be sure to sleep soundly to avoid fatigue,
And look out for yourself, a friend and colleague.

As Santa prepares to bring gifts down the chimneys,
Drive extra safe to make it home to your families.
You must also take note, holiday décor is well and great,
But not making it secure could bring a tragic fate.
Are you plugging in to power your trinkets and lights?
Don’t overload the board, or you’ll get an unexpected fright!
With everyone cooking up their annual Christmas feast,
The chances of fire are greatly increased.

If you follow these tips and do as we advise,
Just like the Grinch on Christmas day, our hearts will grow three times in size.
We gave you these tips for one simple reason,
We want you to stay safe this holiday season.
As we quickly approach this exciting day,
we at Ohio Power Tool would like to say,
be merry, stay safe and please be bright,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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