RIDGID SeeSnake CSx Via

Nearly 100 years ago, RIDGID tools invented the modern pipe wrench, and have since been recognized world over as an industry-leading manufacturer of tools that allow professionals to complete jobs more quickly and reliably. RIDGID may be best known now for their plumbing equipment, such as their full line of RIDGID SeeSnake products for plumbing inspection. RIDGID has maintained their drive for innovation with the recent development of the CSx Via–a flexible, bring-your-own-screen solution, providing a convenient means to stream, capture, and share superior inspection images using an iOS, Android, or Windows device.

CSx Via

The RIDGID CSx Via ($1,760) is a small WiFi enabled device that allows you to connect to your RIDGID SeeSnake systems to create your own monitoring and control screen using a mobile device. You can also remotely control the camera functions and features through the free HQx Live app. The Via offers multi-reel compatibility with the RIDGID SeeSnake microDrain, microReel, nanoReel, Compact Series and rM200 Series reels. To mount your mobile device on Compact Series camera reels, the HQx DOCK ($236) is needed, but you can also use the dock as free standing unit with any reel. Powered by a 18V rechargeable battery and backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty, the Via is a great investment for a lightweight monitor and control solution for your SeeSnake system.

If you already own a SeeSnake Standard or Mini Inspection Reel, you can still utilize the CSx Via by adding their new mount adaptor ($220). This adapter is back-compatible with all Standard and Mini reels, providing a durable, sturdy connection by mounting directly to the reel’s steel frame. The adaptor is available independently, with the Via as a bundle ($1,980), or as a kit ($2,356) with 2 batteries and a charger. To learn more about the Via, read here!

RIDGID SeeSnake CSx Via Adaptor attached to the steel frame of a Standard or Mini Inspection Reel

CS6x Monitor & Kits

Another great RIDGID SeeSnake WiFi solution exists in their complete CS6X system. The CS6x VERSA ($2,363) has been RIDGID’s tried-and-true monitor for plumbing inspection for some time now. Improving jobsite ergonomics, the CS6x VERSA has high and low monitor mounting positions and a unique pivoting frame that lets users tilt the monitor to the desired angle for optimal viewing efficiency, allowing the sunshade to remain open in all usage situations for maximum glare reduction. The CS6x VERSA offers direct USB recording, full TruSense compatibility, and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote viewing and recording on a phone or tablet. You can purchase this monitor independently or as part of a variety of kits:

RIDGID SeeSnake CS6x VERSA monitor

For extra protection of your investment, add on the CS6x VERSA Carrying Case ($105) to organize and safeguard your monitor, adaptor, cords, batteries and charger. Building on the CS6x VERSA’s popularity, the RIDGID SeeSnake CS65XR ($4,563) boasts a more crisp, 1024×768 XGA high resolution image with daylight viewable display for exceptional viewing on the jobsite. The 128 GB internal SSD provides ample storage for multiple jobs, and dual USB ports give you the ability to make up to two copies of the job at once.

RIDGID SeeSnake full system with CS65XR monitor

CS12x Monitor & Kits

For added ease of use and accessibility, the RIDGID CS12x Monitor ($4,130) delivers a large screen, dual battery functionality for maximum runtime, and Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can easily stream or record inspections to an iOS or Android phone or tablet using the free HQx Live companion app. The large 12.1″ display boasts a resolution of 1024×768 pixels, and the upgraded high contrast display is crisp, clear and daylight readable. The CS12x also features a more powerful processor to deliver quick start-up time and snappy performance. The CS12x is available as a kit with (2) 2.5Ah Batteries and a charger ($4,505), or as a complete system with a SeeSnake Standard Reel, (2) 2.5Ah Batteries and a charger ($11,991).

So which option is best for you? Depending on what RIDGID SeeSnake products you already own, this may be a simple answer! If not, it may take a bit more research. From SeeSnake cameras and monitors to reels and more, OPT carries all the different variations to suit your specific needs and budgets. If you have any questions or would like personal recommendations, the Ohio Power Tool team is here to help! Give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at sales@ohiopowertool.com, or leave a comment below for assistance. To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!