Pipe benders are used by electricians to bend metal pipes and electrical conduit to specific angles. It’s also a great alternative option to using fittings for maneuvering around corners, obstacles, and other structures when installing water pipes or conduit. Using a pipe bender is often a quicker and cheaper option than securing fittings because it removes the risk of joints leaking water or fittings coming loose. While pipe benders are a great tool to have on the jobsite when doing electrical or plumbing work, they can often be a pain to transport and set up. That’s why the Greenlee Mobile Bending Table was designed, making it easy to transport your hydraulic bender to each job. This portable table significantly reduces transportation, set-up, and teardown time between jobs, and it has anti-theft storage compartments for all your necessary equipment.

Complete Portability

This Mobile Bending Table is designed to work with the 881 Series Hydraulic Bender from Greenlee to make their best-selling pipe bender easier to transport from job to job. The bending table fits through standard doors 32″ wide and has raised fork pockets for better balance during transportation. It can also be tied down securely to a trailer during transport without having to take anything apart.

“Electricians are constantly trying to do work more efficiently. Anytime we can shave time off a job, it’s a win – and this product delivers that with easier set-up and portability. The features we’ve built into this new cart allow users to not only bend anywhere while staying secure, but to also do so in a more ergonomic way so there is less strain on the body and projects can be completed in less time.”

Katey Earley, product manager for Greenlee

Anti-Theft Features

The Greenlee bending table has storage components for all the necessary equipment pieces, shoes, and accessories you need on the job, and they are ergonomically placed on the table to reduce lifting strain and operator fatigue by 30%! If you’re finishing up a job for the day and leaving the table there, you no longer have to worry about your equipment being stolen or having to take parts home with you. When you’re done for the day, simply lock up the storage compartments and make sure the table is secured in a safe location.

The new Greenlee Mobile Bending Table is available to order now at Ohio Power Tool! If you have any questions about this new release or any other pipe bending equipment from Greenlee, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at sales@ohiopowertool.com, or leave a comment below for assistance. We’re always happy to help! To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!