Since the 2017 expansion, Crescent has put a lot of focus on re-branding to reach more professionals with their tag line, “Trusted by the Trades”. The newly released (Sep. 2019) Tradesmen Bags are an example of their new focus and are specifically designed with the “Tradesman” in mind. Currently, we offer 6 different variations of the Tradesmen Bags, which vary in price from $79 to $129.

If you choose the Contractor Bag ($79) or upgrade to the Crescent Tradesman Backpack ($129), you can count on having a great amount of capacity. Each bag is lined with as many pockets as possible to keep your tools organized. These straight pockets are firm, preventing any sag from the tools stored inside. No longer ruffling through your tool bag to find what you’re looking for.

Polypropylene is the material used on the bottom of each bag. This is a strong synthetic resin, used in several applications that is very durable and water resistant. You can toss your bag down, drag it around without damaging any of the tools inside. Also, confidently set your bag down on a wet surface, puddle or snow knowing that your tools/contents are safe and not soaking.

The “Big Beefy Zippers”, as Jay calls it, includes a 3 year warranty. This isn’t something you really think about when purchasing a bag. However, if that zipper were to snap off, you’ll sure be thankful for that warranty. I will say, the zipper feels pretty darn durable, so I wouldn’t expect you needing to use the warranty.

As mentioned before, we 6 options available on our website, all of which include free shipping (at time of this post). For a limited time, we’re offering a FREE 25′ Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measure with purchase of ANY Crescent Tradesman Bag (while supplies last).

Closed Bag Options:

  • Crescent 14″ Tradesman Closed Top Tool Bag CTB1450 ($99)
  • Crescent 17″ Tradesman Closed Top Tool Bag CTB1750 ($119)
  • Crescent 20″ Contractor Tool Bag CTB2010 ($79)
  • Crescent Tradesman Backpack CTB1000 ($129)

Open Bag Options:

  • Crescent 14″ Tradesman Open Top Tool Bag CTB1410 ($99)
  • Crescent 17″ Tradesman Open Top Tool Bag CTB1710 ($119)

What are you currently using for storage? Would the new Crescent Tradesman Line be a good solution for you? Let us know in the comments – We’re always more than happy to help you find the right tool for the job.