Back in the 80’s we were promised we’d be flying around in our cars like Doc Brown by 2015. Looks like that didn’t happen but a cordless jobsite by the end of 2020 is within reach! Festool is making a big commitment to their 18V cordless and these new tools promise to be “just the beginning”! Highlighted by a few new tools most importantly the TID 18 Impact Driver and new 4.0Ah battery with 21700 cells for higher output and performance. There will be 7 additional Festool Combo Kits which package the new impact and batteries with various options of drill/drivers, hammer drills, track saws, jig saws, systainers and more!  

Festool TID 18 Impact Driver

Only a short time ago Impact Drivers didn’t even exist, now it has become the most popular tool used by many professionals and starting for many cordless platforms. Festool’s new TID 18 Impact Driver checks all the boxes just a hair shy of 1,600 in lbs of torque with 3200 RPM puts this unit with the tippy top of the competitive 18V impact tools. Price which has always been hindering factor for Festool puts this unit right in the range with other pro tools; TID 18 Basic (impact driver with systainer) 576479 is $199 which would be right inline with Milwaukee, Makita or Dewalt if you included a storage box. For the Festool TID 18 impact driver in a Kit with 2x of 4.0Ah batteries and systainer 576480 price is $349 again right inline with other brands if you get their respective PACKOUT or ToughSystem case.

Festool Li-HighPower BP Li 4.0Ah Batteries HPC-ASI

The new TID 18 Impact Driver and some of the new combo kits will come with the new compact 4.0Ah Li-HighPower Batteries. This battery builds in Bluetooth Technology and utilizes the 21700 cells for 20% lighter and 50% more peak power than their existing 5.2Ah battery. No word yet on a similar 8.0Ah version Li-HighPower battery pack but we’ve got to believe they’re in the works.

Festool 18V Cordless PRO PACK Combo Kits

There are a total of 7 new Festool 18V Combo Kit options with pricing ranging from $549 to $1799 PRO PACK which basically says I’m over my yellow or red or whatever platform you’ve been using and FESTOOL is your cordless platform. All of them include the new TID 18 Impact driver but do you want to go TSC 55 plunge cut track saw or HKC 55 circular saw of course still track compatible. So very good options here for remodelers and finished carpenters. Also a great starting point for a cordless line but where does it go from here?

Festool 18V Cordless Future

Festool has historically been a great brand for corded tools focusing on precision and high-quality finishing tools. As battery technology has improved greatly it is now possible to get power and performance previously not possible in cordless tools and need for a cord is truly nothing but a hinderance. For 2020 and beyond Festool is committed to expanding their cordless offering and we are super excited for what that means just within their own corded offerings, could we see a 18V Domino or 18V Kapex or what about the Festool Table Saw with SawStop technology could that be cordless??