A few years back if you spent anywhere near $100 on a cooler you would probably get a larger marine cooler like a 120 qt Igloo Polar that would hold ice for 5 days straight fishing or camping or whatever. Good news you can still get one of those for under $100 at OPT so apparently the whole world has not gone cooler crazy, that’s 180 cans of ice cold beer for you and your friends. On the flipside a Yeti V Series Cooler, about half the size will run you about $800 and you can pretty much go anywhere in between.

YETI $800 Cooler

Yep it’s true Yeti make a $800 cooler that has an “Old School Stainless Steel Design” or basically totally ripped off the Igloo Legacy Stainless Steel with nearly identical dimensions for 4X plus the price. This video does make it look cool, yes we sort of want one, but the smallest Yeti soft sided cooler “Hopper Flip” only holds 8 beers and costs $199 so nope not getting any Yeti Coolers for $100 or less.

Milwaukee Packout Cooler

Did we just show you an $800 Yeti cooler so that a Milwaukee Packout Cooler 48-22-8460 that is just slightly under $100 seems more reasonable… yes, yes we did. We’ve seen a lot of people recently buying the Packout ammo case 48-22-8422 ($60) with the same dimensions and then converting them with different insulation techniques so the demand is there for sure. A great size for packing a lunch and bringing a few extra snacks/drinks to work nicely stacked in your PACKOUT system. Then of course use it by itself on the weekend to bring some beers to a BBQ, a great little size with a lot of versatility and offers a respectable 30 hours ice retention.

We’ve got no doubts, this isn’t the last PACKOUT Hard Cooler we’re going to see, big question from here is do they do a cooler the size of the Large PACKOUT 48-22-8425 ($80) or a bigger Rolling PACKOUT 48-22-8426 ($130) it’s a real conundrum somebody needs to get working on.    

Igloo IMX 24 Qt Cooler for Under $100

If you are looking for a smaller cooler that likes to talk smack and get into bear fights you still don’t need to spend over $100. The nice folks at Igloo make a full range of coolers right here in the good old USA including their more premium IMX offering, hey if Yeti is going to rip-off their stainless steel cooler why not return the favor, with the IMX 24 (also available in as IMX 70 for $199) these coolers have super thick insulation for up to 8 days ice retention, bottle opener, 5 year warranty and pretty much everything you can get from a high end cooler.

Ohio Power Tool, Cooler Experts?

We here at Ohio Power Tool are a lot of things but cooler experts are not one of them. We do offer several options of Jobsite Coolers but we keep it pretty simple, just keep stuff cold for a long time. Heat Stress is a very important part of jobsite safety and we do offer a full range of Cooling PPE, Squincher Hydration Freeze Pops and Shelter Tents as well as deliver many pallets of water locally, all part of what we do every day to ensure safety on the jobsite. As more tool brands continue to expand into the cooler game perhaps, we will also continue to expand our offering.