How many times have you struggled to remove a rusted or rounded fastener? Once? Twice? Too many to count? Well, GearWrench has a solution for you. Their Bolt Biter Nut Extractors & Drivers are designed to easily remove and replace worn down, damaged, or rusted fasteners that seem to be too far gone to budge. These are the perfect solution for auto techs, MRO techs, tradesmen, and DIYers to remove and reuse old or damaged fasteners.

Tapered Design and Minus Sizes Available

The Bolt Biter Nut Extractors & Drivers are designed to remove stubborn fasteners with ease, saving you a ton of time on the job. The socket heads are tapered to fit nuts and bolts of various damage levels, allowing you to get a tight grip every time.

The dual sized sockets work with both SAE and metric fasteners to accommodate for a variety of nuts and bolts. They also have minus sizes, which are slightly smaller than normally sized fasteners to accommodate for worn-down bolt heads. This allows the socket to sit nicely on damaged nuts and bolts, rather than sliding over them.

Impact Rated and Versatile

The Bolt Biter Nut Extractors & Drivers are made of a Chrome Molybdenum Alloy Steel (Cr-Mo) for strength and impact resistance for long-lasting durability. They are then coated with a Black Oxide Coating for corrosion resistance for added longevity.

The hexagonal base allows the Bolt Biter to be used with an impact gun, ratchet, wrench, or pliers for manual or powered extraction. These extensions have a bi-directional design to both remove and fasten nuts and bolts. This is great for times where you don’t have a replacement bolt during a project or you’re looking to reuse old ones that may have seemed too far gone for repeated use. You can also use these both left and right handedly, so the lefties of the world can rejoice.

Increased Power and Lifespan

The GearWrench Bolt Biters have a 10x longer impact life thanks to their durable material and offer up to 5x greater gripping force. This gives you the power and control to extract and replace any fastener, no matter how damaged or rusty. The size markings on each socket have high visibility laser-etched markings so they can be easily identified in your toolbox.

Bolt Biter Screwdrivers

Along with the Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets, GearWrench also has Bolt Biter Screwdrivers that are designed to free damaged or frozen screws. These have a high performance steel endcap to withstand repetitive striking impacts. When you strike the spring-loaded handle, it forces the stubborn screw to make a 12-degree turn with each impact. This helps loosen difficult screws enough to remove even the most worn-down, rusty screws.

A full range of Bolt biter tools are available at Ohio Power Tool! The 10 pc. Bolt Biter Screw Extractor Set (84786) has a great selection of extraction bits for fasteners size ≤ 1/4″ – 5/8″ and M5-M16. This kit comes with a range of drill bits for extracting screws of all damage levels. There is also a 2 pc. Extraction Screwdriver Set (86090) and multiple different socket sets to choose from.

10 Pc. Bolt Biter Screw Extractor Set 84786

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