When gearing up for a long day on the job, high quality apparel can make a world of a difference. There are a ton of work pants out there for trade professionals to choose from, but how do you pick the right ones? You may be thinking ‘pants are pants’, but really a lot of workwear is specifically designed to cater to different needs and applications, ensuring that they’ll work best for YOUR job and last you a long time. Here’s a break down of some of our favorite work pants from trusted brands like Milwaukee, Helly Hansen, Blaklader, NSA, and Rocky to show how they compare for daily wear on the jobsite.

Milwaukee Heavy Duty Flex Work Pants

Starting off with our newest arrival–the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Flex Work Pants are lightweight and comfortable, while still offering abrasion resistance and protection. Their secret is the tear- and abrasion-resistant material made up of 68% cotton, 30.5% Polyester, and 1.5% spandex. This blend of materials creates a broken-in feel to avoid stiffness even straight off the shelf. The 10 oz. fabric weight is designed for protection and comfort in all seasons.  

The Heavy Duty Flex Work Pants are reinforced for maximum durability no matter the job. The FREEFLEX knee-to-knee crotch gusset provides added stretch in the areas you need it most, allowing for a wide range of motion so you can move freely without being restricted if you need to on the job. Triple stitching in high wear zones reduces tearing and extends the life of the pants, and the rear hem is sculpted to prevent the cuffs from dragging on the ground. 

These pants have 6 total pockets: 2 wide pockets in the front and back of the pants, as well as 1 right leg tool pocket and 1 utility pocket inside the front right pocket. There are also 2 clip-on locations for tape measures, knives, and more. Each pocket is reinforced at the bottom to prevent holes. These are great general work pants for a variety of applications because they’re super durable and have a lot of pockets for storage, while still being flexible and comfortable so you aren’t feeling restricted while on the job. We have them in both Gray and Khaki color options.

Helly Hansen Manchester Service Pants

Helly Hansen has a great reputation for making high-quality workwear. Their Manchester line of clothing is designed to have a minimalistic, clean look with a focus on fit. Made for comfort, the Manchester Service Pants are made of a 2-way mechanical stretch fabric with a simple, yet functional design to keep you protected on the jobsite. Similar to the Milwaukee Flex Work Pants, the Manchester Pants have a gusset in the crotch for freedom of movement and flexibility. 

These pants are great for working at night or in low-light environments because they have reflective piping along the seams to keep you visible at all times. There are reinforced pockets in the front and back as well as a thigh pocket with fastener closure to carry around some your jobsite essentials. Another unique feature of these pants is that you can lengthen the legs by 5cm if needed for a longer fit. If you’re looking for a sleek, flexible pair of pants that can be worn both day and night, these are a great option for you.

Blaklader RipStop Pants

The Blaklader Hi-Vis RipStop Pants are another hi-vis option for jobs where you need a little extra visibility. They also have an opening so that you can put kneepads in them, which is pretty cool. These have a ton of pockets, including reinforced pockets in the front, back, and side of the pants, as well as nail and ruler pockets, making these pants ideal for anyone who has to do a lot of bending and crouching on the job or working a lot of hand tools. The RipStop pants are made from a durable blend of 60% cotton, 40% polyester with the ripstop reinforcement for comfort and durability.

Blaklader has a wide selection of work pants to fit different environments, most of which have pockets for knee pads so you can avoid bruising and blisters when kneeling. With tons of styles available, there’s a fit for anyone and any need–even a utility kilt if that’s more your style!

National Safety Apparel (NSA) AR/FR Work Pants

NSA makes excellent work pants for welders, electrical contractors, construction workers, and others who may be at risk for fire or electrical hazards. What sets NSA apart from the others is their use of inherently flame resistant (FR) materials, providing protection from fire, arc flashes and other electrical hazards you may encounter on the jobsite. A unique pair from their line of workpants, the TecGen FR Taproom Denim Jeans, look like your everyday pair of jeans, but they’re actually FR rated and incredibly durable. These have more stretch than typical FR denim, and have large leg openings to fit comfortably over boots. Whether you’re in need of FR protection or looking for a comfortable pair of pants to wear on and off the jobsite, the Taproom jeans are a solid choice.

The NSA Taproom Jeans feature a knife strap and 2 utility pockets for larger phones and tools. They are also NFPA 70E and NFPA2112 certified and have a 20 cal Arc rating to keep you protected from electrical hazards. If you’re in the market for a more breathable option for the spring and summer, the NSA TecGen Summer Weight Dungarees are a great lightweight option to keep you cool and comfortable in the heat.

The TecGen Summer Weight Dungarees are light and functional with a looser, relaxed fit. These pants have 8 pockets and 2 knife straps to hold all of your tools and accessories and come in both olive and navy color options. Similar to the Taproom Jeans, these are made of inherently flame resistant material so the FR protection will not wash or wear out over time. Don’t let the lightweight design fool you though, the 8.5 oz. Westex UltraSoft Basketweave material is still incredibly durable and AR/FR rated so the fabric will not melt, drip, or ignite.

Rocky Worksmart Insulated Bibs

For cold jobsite conditions, the Rocky Worksmart Insulated Bibs are a great option–fleece lined with a 10 oz. canvas shell for ultimate weather protection. The knees are reinforced to prevent wear and tear from repeated use over time. The 90 grams of Polyfill insulation help lock in heat to keep you warm, so these are an ideal heavier option for cold mornings or working outdoors in the fall an winter months. If you need an extra layer to match, we also have the Worksmart Chore Coats in stock from Rocky for full-body warmth and protection.

Rocky Worksmart Insulated Bibs also feature 6 pockets and a tool loop to give you storage for your necessary tools on the jobsite. These bibs have a zipper on each side so you can easily take them on and off, as well as snap closures from the knee to the hem for even more versatility.

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