An arsenal of new FLEX tools just arrived at Ohio Power Tool! We now have a huge selection of 24V cordless tools and accessories, such as rotary hammers, circular saws, impact drills/drivers, reciprocating saws, oscillating multi-tools, wet/dry vacuums, bit sets, and more! FLEX is making huge waves in the industry thanks to their sleek design and one-of-a-kind performance features.

Who Is FLEX?

FLEX was founded in 1922 in Germany, but really made their name known in 1954 by developing the world’s first handheld grinder with a flexible shaft. FLEX has continued to show their dedication to innovation by creating high quality and reliable products all of the years since then. FLEX is known for developing tools that outwork, outperform and outlast similar models on the market, so you can be assured that everything you buy from them is built to last. The tool bodies have a shock-resistant and ergonomic design to fight against wear and tear over the years and with their high-tech battery system, cooling technology, and intelligent motor performance, they are definitely giving the competition a run for their money. The FLEX 24V battery system is something that really makes this brand stand out above the rest–and why we’re so excited to finally have these tools in stock!

The 24V Battery System  

The FLEX 24V batteries are a major reason why their cordless tools are so impressive. These batteries use a 6-cell system rather than the 5-cell system that is typically used in 18V and 20V batteries. The extra cells give the tools a higher voltage with more overall capacity. The smaller batteries, such as the 2.5 and 5.0 aH, use 18650 cells, which are more compact and lightweight, while the larger batteries, the 8.0 and 12.0 aH, use 21700 for increased runtime and power. The 24V batteries feature intelligent power management that monitors and optimizes each battery cell to prevent overload and deliver high power output under a heavy load.

These batteries are able to achieve a higher power output thanks to FLEX’s Therma-Tech cooling system. This regulates the internal temperature of the tool and battery so the tool can have a higher current output and charge faster without overheating. It does this by quickly absorbing and dissipating heat during use and while charging. Because of this technology, these tools claim to run 42% cooler than their competitors and have a 25% longer runtime by managing their temperature so efficiently.

Charge Your Tools Faster Than Ever

FLEX has two charger options–the 160W Fast Charger and the super powerful 280W Rapid Charger. The 280W charger fully re-charges your FLEX batteries even faster, which is great if you are using multiple batteries throughout the day.

The charging systems for the FLEX 24V cordless tools are super impressive as well. They can fully charge a tool 50% faster than leading competitors in the market. This is where the Terma-Tech cooling comes into play to keep the temperature of the battery and charger moderated so it can charge as fast as possible. The 2.5Ah battery fully charges in 30 minutes, the 5Ah in 1 hour, 1 hour and 40 minutes for the 8Ah, and 2 hours and 30 minutes for the 12Ah. The chargers display the charging levels clearly with green LED lights so that you can always see the progress and how charged your batteries are.

What 24V Tools Do We Carry?

You can find a FLEX tool to fit any project you may have coming up, including:

We have a ton of new FLEX tools in stock now, and more to come! Check them out on our website or stop in our showroom to see our brand-new FLEX display! If you have any questions about a specific FLEX tool, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. We’re always happy to help! To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!