For electricians working around high voltage this is a very serious part of the job. We’ve seen a significant move toward insulated hand tools over the past few years and believe this trend will continue as these tools become more comfortable and closer in profile to traditional hand tools. Until now there has not been an option to consider on the cordless power tool side but that has changed with the launch GreeLeen Insulated Gator Tools. With a full range of cutting and crimping options with up to 1000V protection for the operator. Why wouldn’t you consider going insulated?

What’s Different vs Green Gators?

When you look at the GreenLee Gators tools side-by-side the insulated versions add very minimal cost & very minimal weight but add a ton of value. Clearly easy to identify with the yellow and orange design when compared to the traditional Green. All of the Gator cordless tools use the Makita 18V Battery platform, so it’s very easy from a compatibility standpoint. Same great GreenLee name in tools for electrical trade and very similar internal hydraulic components that have been tested through years of field use.


How Are These Tools Insulated?

The GreenLee Gators talk a lot about the Tri-Insullation Barrier “patent-pending”. Basically there are 3 layers of redundancy. PA6 Insulation on the housing material, 12.5mm creepage distance on the heads and dielectric hydraulic oil. Each unit is then dielectrically tested for 1000v conformance with a 10x testing criteria in the actual production process. If course like any Insulated Tool these must be regularly inspected and tested to ensure the tool continues to offer the same protection to the user.

Why Insulate a Battery Tool?

It only takes 1 mistake in the tens of thousands of daily tasks to cause a serious injury or even death. Systematically looking for ways to be safer at every possible level is essential. When it comes to tools that feel the same, work the same, cost nearly the same it seems like a no-brainer. Common issues faced everyday proximity to live circuits, improperly grounded equipment, confined work space, wet conditions, damaged insulation or situations work needs to be carried our “hot” or where it’s not possible to disconnect are all real life situations some electricians face.   

GreenLee i-press App

All the new Gator insulated tools include the i-press app as do any newer Gator X-gen tools. This app works with any iOS or Android phone and allow for personalization of the tools, review of tool performance. Of course it also keep record of all activity completed crimps, etc which can be sent from the mobile app or connect directly to laptop or desktop for more in-depth data. There is user and asset tracking but does not GEO target, GEO fencing or offer remote shut off as some others have but could potentially be in future software updates.

Will GreenLee Expand the Insulation Tool Lineup?

We asked and while no specific information was provided it only seems logical to expand on this lineup to incorporate other common electrician tools with insulated properties. Could we see other cutting tools or perhaps impact drivers? These initial tools all share similar hydraulic design features already popular with the Gator Tools so this was an obvious first step but the demand is there and growing so hopefully GreenLee and their partners will figure out how to expand this technology to other related battery tools.

In the meantime, Ohio Power Tool offers a wide range of GreenLee Tools and other professional tools for electricians. If you’ve got any questions on other Safety PPE for Electricians with FR or Arc Flash ratings give our team a call 800-242-4424 we can help guide you to the right information.