Starting today, every Wednesday we’ll announce the Deals of the Week. This will be specific promotions or news about products that is going on right now. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know!

Last Chance for the Milwaukee Matrix Carbide Bits no more sales after March 31, 2020 on You probably remember the Matrix Carbide Driver Bits that hit the market last year and promised to never ever ever die (actually backed by life time guarantee), well it was true for many applications, they’ll last a long time but they were more brittle than anticipated. They didn’t hold up well in certain applications, metal on metal and less forgiving material. As a result, Milwaukee discontinued them. However, Ohio Power Tool has a stash of them left which still carry the lifetime warranty but at end of this month (Next Wednesday) will be gone forever!

Another Last Call, PLS RED Line Laser PLS180 (60521N) for only $99 until they are gone (or while supplies last if you’re the fancy type). This was the previous model of cross line red lasers but was tried and true for many years, which sold everyday for $329. Seriously, this is an amazing price and when they’re gone, they are really gone!

Starting on April 1st (UPDATE: Because of COVID-19 Price Increase has been canceled until further notice!!! Literally happened within hours of this post but still a great time to buy some FESTOOL), we will also see a Price Increase almost across the board on the Corded Festool Items. A few things in play here between tariffs we now have in Europe, but with all of the other stuff happening around the world, this isn’t great timing, but it was in the works long ago. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to Festool for a Rotex Sander or Carvex Jigsaw or Plunge Cut Track Saw this is really the best time to pull the trigger.