When it comes to portable gas generators, Honda has been the industry standard for the past few decades–and for good reason. If you need power on demand from a piece of equipment that might sit idle for weeks or months, Honda Generators have proven themselves to start more often with less hassle than any others, plain and simple. Honda is continuously improving their lineup of generators to optimize performance and safety. Recently, Honda made an impressive upgrade to their entire lineup by adding new features to every generator they make moving forward. They have added the CO-MINDER Advanced Carbon Monoxide Detection System to every new model, as well as Bluetooth connectivity to many units, allowing you access through the ‘Honda My Generator’ app to monitor start, stop, operation, service reminders and more.  

What is CO-MINDER? 

Honda has made a commitment to safety across all of their product lines, from generators and outdoor power equipment to cars, motorcycles, planes, and everything else in between. CO-MINDER is a sensor that monitors carbon monoxide (CO) levels. If it exceeds 800 parts per million (ppm) at any point or 400 ppm over 10 minutes, this feature will shut off the generator. The safety light on the generator will notify the user that it was shut down due to a carbon monoxide build up, letting them know there is a problem to address. Honda is the first generator line that will meet the new ANSI standard to have a CO sensor in every generator by the end of 2020. All the traditional model numbers are very similar, but will now have a “G” on the end to signify they include the CO-MINDER feature (Ex. EU3000S1 will change to EU3000S1AG.) For the remainder of 2020, you will probably see many of the generators available with and without the CO-MINDER feature, as most dealers still have stock or the older generators. There is a slight price increase with the newer models, so some may opt for the traditional units they have used for many years.

Bluetooth Generator Remote Controls 

It seems like Bluetooth is getting added to everything these days, but for a portable generator, it actually makes a lot of sense–especially when used as a backup power source. The ‘Honda My Generator’ Bluetooth app works on iPhone or Android devices and is capable of connecting to several Honda Generators, including EU2200iTAG, EU2200iTAG1 Companion, EU7000i, EM6500SX and more on the way soon. The app allows for remote monitoring and stopping, and if the generator is equipped with electric start, such as the EM6500 and EU7000, the app can remote start the unit as well. When weather is bad, this is certainly a much better option than running outside to constantly monitor it.  

Let Their Powers Combine! 

One of the staple features for Honda Inverter Generators, aside from their unmatched performance and insanely quiet operation, is that similar EU series units can be paired together with Honda Parallel Cable Kits to provide double the watt power and increased AMP output options in several cases. When two EU2200i are together and one is the “Companion” model, the pair will juice up the 30AMP twist lock to 4,400 watt peak output. This is enough for a modest home backup system on a manual transfer switch, providing essential power for 3 to 8+ hours. The Honda Inverter Generators also provide the most versatility, because all that power comes from just two suitcase sized generators weighing less than 50 lbs each. Easily take one on the jobsite, camping, or tailgating and you have a very compact, quiet, lightweight generator, now with CO-MINDER and Bluetooth.

For those powering larger homes or for commercial application, the EU3000i or the EU7000i can be paired together for double the power. Getting two EU7000i together also increases output to 50AMP with 14,000 peak watts and now includes the Bluetooth app as well, creating what might now be considered the ultimate backup option with portable generators.  

Which Generator is Right for You? 

There is no perfect generator that will work for everyone, which is why there are so many options out there. Honda does a great job of offering very compact units, as well as very large powerhouses that will address the needs of almost anything out there. Honda Generators typically come with a premium price tag, and certainly there are alternatives available that are less expensive. With that being said, we’ve found people rely on a generator to work when needed, not just for a fun toy to bring out, but as something that is critically important to power a jobsite or backup a home when the power is out. For quality like that, it is worth the investment. These units can often go months without maintenance and still be expected to work flawlessly.

Honda leads the way in the industry, setting the standard for the rest of the pack to copy and try to keep up. Until battery power supplies like the EGO Power+ Nexus and Milwaukee MX Carry-On figure out a way to recharge without plugging into the grid, Honda Generators will remain at the forefront of remote and backup power supply.

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