Some coolers are made for fighting bears, some coolers are made for dancing on at parties. These coolers are made for manly men who work hard all day at the jobsite… or just a regular dude/dudette who wants to kick back in a lawn chair and not have to walk all the way inside the house to grab another beer.

The new IGLOO Workman Series features a new rugged design with three times the cooling performance thanks to the Ultratherm Insulation and Cool Riser Technology. With two different models to choose from the Workman 50 QT can hold up to 85 cans of your favorite beer or other canned beverage.

Workman 50 QT Jobsite Cooler $59.99

Also on the roster, the Workman 120 QT is perfect for those “sorry honey I had a meeting” kind of nights or even a large family gathering, with the holding capacity of 188 cans!

Workman 120 QT Jobsite Cooler $129.99

These coolers provide you with stainless steel screws, non-slip grip handles, hybrid hinges, and keeps your beer cold for up to 5 days with the help of ultraviolet inhibitors, which means even the f’n sun is no match against the Workman Series Jobsite Coolers.

It’s summertime, so weather you’re at the jobsite, on your uncle Ronnie’s boat, at a football game (GO BUCKS!), or in the backyard, the IGLOO Workman cooler is the way to go.

The Workman 120 ($129.99) and Workman 50 ($59.99) are available now for pre-order at Ohio Power Tool. If you have any questions about Jobsite Coolers feel free to call our team of knowledgeable staff at 1-800-242-4424.