Klein has been around, if you can believe it, since 1857; through trials and tribulations, highs and lows, wars, recessions, and depressions, for over 160 years, Klein has always been there to provide us with high-quality, long-lasting, durable tools and accessories. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Klein’s latest foray in the construction space that will be coming very soon to Ohio Power Tool–modular tool storage. Klein has now joined the likes of the Milwaukee PACKOUT, DeWalt TOUGHSYSTEM, Festool Systainer, FLEX Stack Pack and so many more click-together tool storage systems that now exist in the market with their brand new MODbox–so how do these stack up? Well, they’re rugged yet sleek, durable yet light, and introduce incredible innovations that are sure to put these at the forefront of tool storage boxes.

Klein MODbox examples 54804MB 54803MB 54802MB storage on construction and job site

One of the first things to take note of with Klein’s MODbox Modular Storage System is that while, yes, it does look incredibly similar to other red, grey, and yellow modular storage systems, Klein has included a unique side rail system, allowing MODbox to be expanded both vertically as well as horizontally with additional accessories. Three sizes of MODbox will be available immediately upon release– Small (54804MB), Medium (54803MB), and Rolling Tool Boxes (54802MB). Each size includes an easy one-handed latch to make stacking and unstacking each piece quick and efficient, and you’ll get the largest and most durable wheels on the market with the Rolling MODbox , making traversing even the toughest of jobsite conditions seem like a walk in the park. The Rolling MODbox also comes with functional storage on the handle as well as the back of the base, where you’ll be able to store your larger or bulkier tools and accessories; the handle itself is made of heavy-duty materials and is removable for easier transportation in smaller vehicles. Each piece includes the rail system, allowing for further storage expansion with MODbox accessories.

MODbox Mobile Workstation breakdown 54804MB 54803MB 54802MB jobsites

Multiple accessories will be released alongside these 3 initial releases, and each are compatible with the entire Klein MODbox suite. A Tool Carrier Rail (54814MB) can be attached to the to any of the boxes for easier access to your most commonly used tools throughout your day without having to dig through an entire stack of boxes, while a Magnetic Strip (54819MB) made of rare-earth magnets can be used to secure hand tools or other small parts to the exterior of your MODbox stack. The Swiveling Cup Holder (54817MB)is compatible with a large range of your favorite drink containers, and swivels in order to prevent spillage, keeping your drinks safe throughout the day.

MODbox Medium Box opening 54803MB with 54817MB Cup Holder on display

For those of us that are horrendous at organization (this writer will be the first to admit they’re one of them, no shame), a Parts Bin (54815MB) can collect screws, nuts, bolts, connectors, and so on, to keep them all organized and within reach for accessibility when they’re needed most. Multi-Hooks (54816MB) will be available as well, which can be used to hang items such as extension cords, hard hats, fish tape, vests, and much more from the outside of your MODbox stack, limiting clutter on the interior. Speaking of, an Internal Rail (54818MB) will be available as well, with which you’ll be able to mount accessories on the inside of the Medium or Rolling Tool Boxes for an additional layer of organization.

MODbox 54814MB Tool Carrier and 54815MB Parts Bin on display while at the jobsite

Hopefully you didn’t think Klein was done with MODbox releases, because we’re just getting started! Along with the MODboxes themselves, and in addition to the line of accessories, we’ll also be getting a MODbox Backpack (62201MB)! As many trades are shifting from traditional tool belts now over to backpacks (electricians, we’re looking at you!), Klein kept this in mind as they were developing this new lineup of tool storage. The MODbox Backpack features an impressively wide front-to-back footprint, ensuring plenty of storage space as well as stability on the go. The bag also features an integrated headlamp bracket to illuminate the inside and outside of the bag for easier content identification in dark or low-light situations (again, electricians, eyes on you!). No more rummaging around in your bag for 10 minutes looking for that one bit that you just know is in there, maybe just at the bottom somewhere. You’ll also find a specific route for USB cords to take in the bag, designed to keep cords safe as they charge headlamps or personal devices.

62203MB MODbox tool bag with light clip for additional coverage

Along with the backpack, a 15” Tool Bag (62203MB) will be released, which features multiple internal pockets for organization on the jobsite, in your garage, or wherever you need your tools! This bag also features the integrated headlamp bracket for interior illumination. A rugged metal frame around the opening provides extra strength and durability, and you’ll also find a padded shoulder strap for an added layer of comfort while transporting. A 33-pocket Tool Tote (62202MB) is the final soft-storage solution Klein has announced as part of the MODbox lineup (for now). You’ll find a hard plastic handle at the top for added strength and durability, as well as multiple internal pockets for organization, a tape loop and a zipper side pocket on the exterior to store loose parts. Since Klein knows your tools are valuable, they have also ensured their hard MODboxes are cable lock ready, while their soft solutions are constructed with durable water resistant 1680d Ballistic Weave material and feature a hard bottom to protect the contents from the elements.

62202MB and 62201MB Tote and Backpack on display at the construction site

But they aren’t even done there, people! We’ve also got word that Klein has planned for even more exciting new additions to their MODbox line in the future! While we don’t have all the specifics on what may be to come, we know that with Klein it will be top quality and will achieve their goal of providing a fully functional mobile workstation.

MODbox workstation all tools on display at the jobsite

And there we have it! Klein may be a little late to the modular storage system game, but they definitely made up for it in spades. You can bet we’ll have plenty of content regarding this storage system and plenty of them to order once they are fully released from Klein, so be sure to follow us wherever you get your social media to stay up to date on news, announcements, deals, and more, and feel free to reach out at 614-481-2111 or cs@ohiopowertool.com with any questions, comments, or concerns!