When it comes to tape in the construction industry, Shurtape is one of the first names that many people think of, and for excellent reason. They’ve been at the forefront of tape technology (it’s a thing!) since the late ’90s, and this new addition to their lineup is a serious step towards some Blade Runner-esque future, and this writer is here for it.

When we first began to carry Shurtape, we got to sit down with them to learn a little bit about the science behind tape and tape technology, and there is a lot of it. With the imminent release of this new technology, we figured now would be the perfect time to pass some of that knowledge on to you! BitRip technology is Shurtape’s newest creation, and it’s honestly pretty bananas. Each piece of BitRip contains a unique, pre-printed code that can be adhered to any physical object that you could be working with. The code is scanned by a camera in the BitRip app (that you can download on any Android or iPhone), and can then load text, photos, video, data, and much more.

Shurtape BitRip with BitRip app on iPhone at the jobsite

The way it works is that each code can store an amount of information, be it video links, GPS data, PDFs, voice recordings, as well as the aforementioned text, photos, et cetera. Each code on the tape is stuck to the piece you’re having issue with or need to constantly check on; with your phone’s camera, the code gets zapped, and all the data is loaded by the app. It’s an incredibly quick and easy way for an entire team to stay informed on project status or delays, regardless of their shifts; anyone with the BitRip app is able to access or add to the data, ensuring communication across devices, hours, and shifts.

Common Applications

Instructions for accessing BitRip technology via the construction app
Permanent and searchable safety certifications that are easily accessible in the field
Instructions for BitRip construction app
Material tracking in less than 30 seconds
BitRip construction app instructions
Make projects a breeze by attaching product manuals, maintenance tracking, serial numbers, etc. directly to your applications

Four options are currently available for Shurtape’s BitRip technology. Duct Tape labels can be stuck directly to the workpiece with the code facing out in full, ensuring an easy scan for all devices. Paper labels are smaller and easier to affix to more intricate or detailed pieces. Permanent and Heavy Duty Permanent labels are both as they say on the tin; you’ll need the strength of the gods to remove them from the workpiece once applied, so be sure you really want them where you stick them.

Shurtape’s BitRip labels are available at Ohio Power Tool now; be sure to pick up yours at the links throughout this post today! Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns at cs@ohiopowertool.com or 614-481-2111. Also, be sure to follow us wherever you get your social media to stay up-to-date on all the news, deals, and more with Ohio Power Tool!