Milwaukee is constantly committed to improving the effectiveness and longevity of their products. This includes upgrading tried and true products that we all love, so they recently released the newest upgrade to their site lighting family, the upgraded M18 ROCKET Tower Light/Charger. This new site lighting setup can stand up to 7’ tall and has double the output compared to their last model. It also comes equipped with an M18 battery pack that lasts for an entire days work, and can be used to charge other devices on the jobsite. Its cordless design paired with the adjustable height and output settings make this light adaptable to any work environment.

Milwaukee M18 Tower Light lighting construction jobsite with man on lift

Key Features

The new the M18 ROCKET Tower Light/Charger is incredibly versatile in its design and delivers the most accurate and direct lighting possible. It can be set up in 5 seconds and expands from 4-7’ to reduce shadows and provide the best lighting setup for your environment. TRUEVIEW High Definition Output creates a neutral white lighting color with an even beam pattern to ensure clear visibility. This model can be used cordlessly while utilizing the battery pack, but it is also compatible with standard extension cords in case it needs to be charged throughout the day. As an added bonus, the built in M18 charger allows you to charge small tools and devices directly from the light itself.  

There are 3 independently pivoting headlights with 3 brightness levels (low, medium, and high) to control the output and direction of the light. These LED lights can reach up to 6,000 lumens, which is double the output of previous models. The new M18 ROCKET Tower Light is incredibly powerful, long lasting, and compact, making it the ideal setup for any work environment.

Milwaukee M18 Tower Light lighting workspace at 4 feet and 7 feet tall to illustrate adaptability. Application for this image is vent installation.

Enhanced Durability and Design

Milwaukee is known for the durability and lasting power of their products, and the M18 ROCKET Tower Light/Charger continues to exceed their exceptional quality standards. It is IPX4 rated water resistant which protects it from splashing water in all directions. It also has impact resistant reinforced legs and a low center of gravity to prevent it from falling over or breaking down on the jobsite. The protective guard that covers the head and lens prevents any damage to the light during transport and storage. You can also purchase the M18 ROCKET Tower Light/Charger Kit (2136-21) which comes with an extra M18 battery pack and a carrying bag for easy transportation.

Milwaukee M18 Rocket Tower Light laying on ground lighting job site. Application for this image is insulation, demonstrating resistance to dust, water and impact from falls.

You never have to worry about this light losing power over time because the LED lights have a limited lifetime warranty and never need to be replaced. Both DUAL POWER and M18 CHARGING are integrated into this model to provide all day runtime and to ensure that your other Milwaukee M18 devices can stay fully charged and ready to use at any time.

Milwaukee M18 Rocket Tower Light lighting jobsite. Application in this image is drywall finishing and painting.


This innovative tower light is a game changer for professionals in any field. It is great for any painting, repair, construction, and outdoor projects where extra light is needed. The pivoting lights can be adjusted to illuminate large areas with 360° overhead lighting or direct task lighting. The adjustable height feature also provides more direct light with less shadows. Additionally, the LED lights give off transparent white light that gives you a much clearer view of your work area compared to halogen stand lights. The M18 ROCKET Tower Light/Charger has the capacity to adapt, perform, and survive any jobsite conditions no matter the application, and promises consistent performance with each use.

Milwaukee M18 Rocket Tower Light being carried in carrying case which is included with the Kit, showing that it is compact and easy to transport.

The M18 ROCKET Tower Light/Charger (2136-20) and the M18 ROCKET Tower Light/Charger Kit (2136-21) are available for pre-order now at Ohio Power Tool.  If you have any questions about this product or want to know about any of our other jobsite lighting options, the Ohio Power Tool team can help! Give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!