If you’ve ever worked, or even done activities, with your hands, you know how difficult it can be to hold a light source while simultaneously using both hands to get something done. You could always chomp down on the end of a flashlight, but that method of course has risks of its own. Headlamps are another option, but a lot of them have a singular beam that extends from your forehead, oftentimes requiring bending to awkward, uncomfortable angles to get decent lighting on close-up work that you’re doing with your hands, or needing the addition of an extraneous attachment on your hard hat or helmet to get that downward angle. Plus, let’s not even get started on having a family member hold the light for you; I think we’ve all been that kid who’s father scarred them as a child trying to hold the lighting just right.

Worry not, say our friends over at Liteband! No more having to crook your neck to get just the right angle. With Liteband’s Pro 1500 series of headlamps, it’s the first 210° wide beam, low profile headband style headlamp with an added 300 ft. focused beam. With this headband, you’re able to select from 6 different lighting styles, including wide-beam, focused-beam, multi-beam, and more for the ultimate visibility on any task. The lightweight (5.4oz) design is engineered to balance the weight across the headlamp for a comfortable fit that is less bulky than traditional headlamps and creates a “no bounce” experience while working and moving. With the variety of lighting settings, 35 LEDS, CLASS 1 safety certification, and extended life battery, this headlamp is perfect for mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and anyone else in-between!

Along with these features, the Liteband PRO 1500 also includes their unique Start Select technology, meaning these headlamps can remember which mode to start on every time, to save you time and hassle of switching settings every use. The focused beam has a 15° optimal workshop tilt and pushes out 500 Lumens, while the standard wide beam has an illumination level of 1000 Lumens. Turn on both modes simultaneously for up to 1500 lumens to provide you with plenty of lighting for any task for up to 32 hours on its 3400 mAh USB-C rechargeable battery. 

Available in high visibility yellow, carbon fiber, or camouflage, each 1500 PRO Series band has an adjustable fit for hats and dedicated clips for helmets. They also feature an IPX 5 weather rating, meaning these headlamps are durable and waterproof, so they’re perfect not only on the jobsite, but also for camping, hiking, fishing, or a variety of other outdoor activities. Pick up your Liteband PRO 1500 Headlamp from Ohio Power Tool at one of the links throughout this post, and feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns at 614-481-2111 or cs@ohiopowertool.com. Be sure to follow us wherever you get your social media fix these days to stay in the know on all the news, deals, announcements, and more!