Last year, Milwaukee released their full-sized M18 FUEL Modular Shop Vacs, in both battery-powered and corded options. The vacuums are customizable, in a way, with the heads and carts all able to be swapped out at will to fit a variety of applications, and the ability to double the holding size of the vacuum by changing out the bucket. They’re incredible vacuums, and we’re here today to give them their rightful moment in the spotlight, so you just sit down, strap in, and suck it up. Get it? Little bit of vacuum humor for you. Anyway, moving on!

M18 FUEL™ 9 Gallon Dual-Battery Wet/Dry Vacuum

Mix & Match!

The vacuums are available in 6-, 9-, and 12-Gallon kits, but are designed to be modular with an interchangeable base (standard cart or premium version with a handle) and motor. The brushless motor within the single- and dual-battery cordless vacuum options is able to outperform 3.5 to 4.25 peak horsepower wet/dry vacuums from the competition. If you want to fully customize your setup, you can buy the 6-, 9-, or 12-gallon tank independently and pair them with whichever base and motor you prefer for the types of jobs you’ll need it for.

The high performance of these vacuums allows you to pick up more of the most common types of jobsite debris, like drywall and concrete dust or wood and metal shavings, in the same amount of time that your average jobsite shop vac could. The anti-static hose features a crush- and twist-resistant design, allowing the hose to last nearly twice as long as regular shop vac hoses. Along with the hose durability, reinforced casters on the cart wheels lead to a lifespan 8 times longer than average before needing a replacement. When used with the recommended 12.0Ah battery, the single battery motor (0911-20) provides up to 31 minutes of continuous runtime (up to 1,000 ft²) on Max Power Mode, and 47 minutes runtime (up to 1,300 ft²) on Max Runtime Mode. The dual-battery motor (0921-20) offers a slight increase in runtime, ringing in at 34 minutes of continuous cleaning (up to 1,600 ft²) on Max Power Mode and up to 49 minutes (up to 1,800 ft²) on Max Runtime Mode. The corded version will, of course, provide all the runtime you need (as long as you’re near a wall outlet), and we’ve even come across reports online saying that most people are able to get through their days with an average 6.0Ah or 8.0Ah battery. 

M18 FUEL™ Wet/Dry Vacuum featuring swappable parts!

Now, no vacuuming experience would be complete without your added attachments, so we broke out a list of Milwaukee‘s Top 10 AIR-TIP Accessories to go along with your all-new vacuum. So without any further ado, let’s dive right into it!

10. AIR-TIP Dust Collector

Up first is the AIR-TIP Dust Collector (49-90-2022), which uses the suction of the connected M18 shop vac to cling-to and maintain a solid grip on a wall to collect debris while you work. This prevents the majority of dust from falling to the ground for simple and easy cleanup at the end of the day. Simply attach the Dust Collector to the surface and drill or cut just above the funnel while the vacuum is running to save time and energy on the job!

MILWAUKEE® AIR-TIP™ Dust Collector

9. Long Reach Flexible Micro Hose Set

The Long Reach Flexible Micro Hose Set (49-90-2037) features 5 interchangeable hose lengths to give you even greater access in harder to reach, tight areas. A quick ¼ turn twist is all that’s needed to set one of these hoses up on your vac, making attachment and detachment a simple, tool-free process.

One available hose in the AIR-TIP™ Long Reach Flexible Micro Hose Set

8. 3-Piece Automotive Vacuum Tool Kit

This one’s for all those car guys and gals out there! The 3 Piece Automotive Vacuum Tool Kit (49-90-2019A) is the perfect solution for automotive detailing. Featuring a 3-in-1 Crevice & Brush Tool with a reversible brush head for multiple cleaning solutions, a Swiveling Palm Brush for greater leverage and easier movement on automotive carpets, and a Flexible Long Reach Crevice Tool with the ability to bend to scour all the inaccessible nooks and crannies, this is the perfect addition to any car owner’s tool kit.

Part of the 3Pc Automotive Tool Kit, the Swiveling Palm Brush is able to maneuver across carpet with ease

7. 4-in-1 Right Angle Cleaning Tool

The gradual bend and sharp right angle curve in the Right Angle Cleaning Tool (49-90-2026) makes it the perfect solution for cleaning up around pipes, near walls, or other tighter spots where traditional hoses may not have as much reach. The Short Crevice, Bottom-Opening, Brushed, and Long Crevice tips that are included provide additional versatility on the jobsite for the ultimate cleaning solution.

AIR-TIP™ 4-in-1 Right Angle Cleaning Tool

6. Conduit Line Puller Kit

Designed specifically for electricians, the Conduit Line Puller Kit (49-90-2024) is able to seal multiple conduit sizes for stronger line-pulling suction. The narrow ends and cross stopper design are able to fit into smaller conduit boxes and other harder to reach areas while preventing lines and bags from being sucked into the attached M18 shop vac.

AIR-TIP™ Conduit Line Puller Kit

5. Flexible Long Reach Crevice Tool

The 16” overall length on the Flexible Long Reach Crevice Tool (49-90-2030) is perfect for easy access in all the hard to reach areas around the jobsite, and the flexible shaft is able to bend around obstacles for a more complete cleaning experience. The rubber tip is durable, able to stand up to the toughest jobsite conditions without ripping or tearing.

AIR-TIP™ Flexible Long Reach Crevice Tool

4. Low-Profile Pivoting Brush Tool

The incredibly sleek design and pivoting head on the Low-Profile Pivoting Brush Tool (49-90-2027) allows for greater cleaning access across a variety of situations, with a simple joint engaged by the press of a button. Multiple orientations can be had with this brush tool, so cleaning overhead, waist-level, or below is a simple and easy process.

MILWAUKEE® AIR-TIP™ Low-Profile Pivoting Brush Tool

3. 3-in-1 Crevice & Brush Tool

For those that would rather have the brushing and vacuuming in harder to reach areas done all at the same time, the 3-in-1 Crevice & Brush Tool (49-90-2023) is the accessory for you. With a removable and reversible brushing head and easy to access detent buttons, the long, soft bristles on one side and short, tough bristles on the other will provide ample cleaning solutions for a variety of applications. This is the same tool found in the 3 Piece Automotive Tool Kit, so you don’t have to buy all 3 if you’re only looking for this one part.

AIR-TIP™ 3-in-1 Crevice and Brush Tool

2. Claw Utility Nozzle

With an ergonomic claw grip and integrated brushes to succinctly agitate debris, the Claw Utility Nozzle (49-90-2040) makes handheld cleanup significantly more effective. The agitating bristles also help to provide additional leverage during cleanup, and are soft enough to leave even the most delicate of surfaces free of marks or scratches.

AIR-TIP™ Claw Utility Nozzle

1. Swiveling Palm Brush

Rounding out our top 10 is the Swiveling Palm Brush (49-90-2020) which, like the 3-in-1 Crevice Tool mentioned previously, is also found in the 3 Piece Automotive Tool Kit. Its 360° swiveling palm grip is ergonomically designed, allowing you to create more leverage during cleaning, and also provides freedom of movement when you need it most. 

AIR-TIP™ Swiveling Palm Brush

Each of these AIR-TIP accessories are compatible with any wet/dry vac on the market, but are a perfect addition to Milwaukee‘s M18 modular vacuum system, that you’ve surely already got placed in your cart by now, but if you haven’t yet, be sure to grab yours via any of the links throughout this post, and feel free to reach out at 614-481-2111 or with any comments, questions, or concerns, and be sure to follow us on all the fun social media apps to stay in the know on all the latest in deals, announcements, news, and more!