Masks have become an essential part of our lives, so finding the right one for you makes a world of a difference. Whether you’re looking for durability, style, comfortability, or convenience, we’ve got you covered. With the need for masks on the jobsite and out-and-about at an all time high, there is a different type of mask for everyone out there these days! So we decided to break down some of our most popular styles–and the different types of mask wearers–to show how each one holds up.

The Cool Guy

The "cool guy" wears a grey Milwaukee neck gaiter.

The cool guy wears a neck gaiter. Neck gaiters are made from a comfortable, lightweight fabric that can be worn around your neck or forehead and easily adjusted to cover your mouth and nose.

These are great to wear in any weather conditions. In the winter they can cover your neck and ears to block the wind, but the material is also designed to wick away moisture, quickly dry and offer UPF sun protection in the warmer months. If fire resistance is a concern, we also have options that are FR rated. These masks are machine washable, stretchy, typically seam-free and comfortable for you to wear anywhere.

The Fashionista

The "Fashionista" wears a black Ergodyne Skullerz over-the-ear-mask.

The Fashionista wears your classic, re-usable over-the-ear mask. These come with all kinds of customizations—pleats, no pleats, adjustable ear straps, valves or no valves, fun designs… Some people even bedazzle them.

Skullerz 8801 Reusable Cotton Pleated Face Cover Mask - (12 Pack)

Some of our favorite over-the-ear masks that we offer are the ultra-comfortable Ergodyne Skullerz masks. The 100% cotton, pleated exterior is soft and breathable for all day wear, the nose clip creates a comfortable seal and prevents fogging of your eyewear, and the ear loops are stretchy and adjustable for a guaranteed fit.

The Complainer

The "complainer" wears a dual-elastic N95 mask that goes behind his head and neck.

We all know the complainer and have probably even been the complainer at one point. But that’s okay, because our complaints have been heard. A lot of over-the-ear masks can hurt your ears, and gaiters can be so tight that you feel like you’re being smothered.

That’s why dual-elastic strap masks that go around your head are perfect for the complainer. This type of mask creates a nice, secure fit without fabric directly on your lips or bands behind your ears—the best of both worlds!

The One & Done

The "one-and-done" wears a disposable, single-use mask.

The one & done mask wearer may have a variety of reasons they prefer a disposable face mask. Whether it’s for cost purposes, convenience—because come on… who hasn’t lost at least 5 masks by now?—or because they’re highly effective even in healthcare settings, the re-usable lifestyle just isn’t for them.

Disposable masks have a variety of different safety ratings for many different applications. While you may not need an N95, P100 or other NIOSH approved mask for the grocery store, they do have benefits on the jobsite–but that’s a whole different story.

The Invincible

The "invincible" wears a PIP Safety Works Half-Mask Respirator Thermo Plastic Elastomer

The Invincible one means business. They’re not playing around. Whether they’re surrounded by chemicals on the jobsite or COVID out in the streets, they’re fully protected with a respirator.

Half-Mask Respirator Thermo Plastic Elastomer (SELECT SIZE)

These heavy-duty but lightweight respirators pressure seal onto your face and feature replaceable filters and cartridges that offer a variety of different protections. These are especially effective if you work around a lot of fumes or hazardous liquids, and can offer extra protection with built in eye and face coverings in some models.

No matter what your preference is, Ohio Power Tool has a great selection of masks to fit your style and keep you safe. If you’re in need of a new mask to keep harmful dust and chemicals out of your lungs on the jobsite or just to spice up your look, check out our options in store or online! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!