We’ve been huge fans of Metabo for many years and their tools have really had quite an impressive track record in the field from what we’ve seen but in Ohio (and most of North America) are still mostly well known for their grinders and cut-off wheels. Until recently we have not done much with Metabo’s concrete hammers or cordless, of course that’s not the case in the rest of the world where they’re known for some of the best rotary hammers and have a battery platform that is shared by dozens of other companies with some of the most innovative technology available. To introduce more of our professional tradespeople customers to the Metabo Cordless System we partnered up for a very aggressive deal on these Metabo 18V KHA 18 LXT BL rotary hammers.  

Metabo 18V KHA 18 LXT BL 24 Quick SDS-Plus Hammer

Recently Rob Robillard from Tool Box Buzz did a very nice walk through of this rotary hammer drill in the video featured above. This is not the biggest most powerful cordless SDS-Plus on the market nor was it designed for that. With the integrated HEPA vac design (5/8” capacity) it’s an ideal candidate for overhead drilling and anchoring. Lightweight with good power it’s perfect for these sorts of applications, but can also handle up to 1” capacity without the HEPA vac when needed.

Yes, It Also Has a ½” Chuck Interchangeable Head

Metabo SDS with keyless chuck

One feature that really makes this Hammer Standout from Red, Yellow and Teal competitot hammers is the SDS-Plus head actually comes off and swaps out for a very beefy ½” chuck which can handle standard shank carbide (might be needed in a pinch) or more likely for using wood boring bits or hole saws. Ever had an application where you wanted to drill through wood or metal first then into concrete, wouldn’t this be a nice solution. Probably isn’t a super often need but our guess is it’ll come in handy more than you might think. Also it’s just nice to have another option for a very heavy duty cordless drill when it comes to large auger bits or self-feed bits, why use a standard drill/driver if you’ve got this monster drill in the arsenal!

Metabo Cordless 18V Platform

While the Metabo 18V cordless platform makes up a very small % of the USA cordless tool market it’s not for a lack of performance. Metabo has lead the way when it comes to battery technology, first to launch a 4.0Ah, then 5.0Ah, first to use a 20700 cell, then first to use the 21700 cells for their batteries currently in their LiHD 4.0Ah and 8.0Ah. They have been leading the way for battery technology over 5 years however a bit of a premium price point and lack of compromising quality to hit big box price targets means they’re mostly in the hands of professionals.

Metabo Cordless Alliance System

They were also the first to really open up their battery system in late 2018 to other manufacturers with Cordless Alliance System CAS so Mafell, Collomix, Eibenstock, Starmix, Rothenberger and many more are already on this universal battery platform. Instead of having to be great at everything let Starmix (who has made vacuums for Metabo, Makita, Fein, Hilit, Bosch, etc) make their own cordless vacuums with your batteries, let Mafell make their own track saws and specialty tools, together build a single platform with some of the greatest tools available. While only a limited number of cordless tools from these other manufacturers have actually hit USA they are being manufactured in great quantities for use around the world and think this strategy is going to pay off over the next few years when it comes to seeing more high-end cordless tools that should eventually hit US and Canada.

For any of your Metabo Tool needs give the Team at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424. We support the full line of their Grinders, USA made Cut-Off wheels as well as 12V cordless, 18V cordless and much more!