Do you need this in your life? Probably Not… But you want it, you need it and you don’t know exactly why. The 6” Oregon bar & chain are great for a lot of pruning applications but get into a larger branch and then you’ll still need a full size 16” M18 Chainsaw, do you really need both. What about a M12 FUEL Hacksaw 2520-21XC and a 9” Carbide Pruning Blade that would for sure work great on smaller branches or the M18 Quick-Lok Pole Saw 10” Chain Head where you could actually reach many more branches. Again lots of options of this sort of work but none have the cool factor of this new M12 FUEL Hatchet 2725-21 ($249 Kit) or Bare tool version 2527-20 ($179). We are so very sad there will be no live #NPS2020 we would have loved to see this one live and in person demoed by all our favorite tradesmen characters.

We’ve seen other mini chainsaws similar to this from Stihl, Bosch and others in Europe which seems like they’re very popular. This does not seem really intended for professional use, there is no integrated tool tethering for climbing or chain brake which both seem essential from professional arborist and landscapers. From the specs it does seem like this would be a powerful unit and with compact size very functional. Runtime looks promising 120 cuts in 2” Oak and that’s with provided 4.0Ah XC, go to the 6.0Ah for longer, but it’s just not really an issue for those with other M12 batteries.

We expect shipping of the M12 FUEL Hatchets in Late August 2020 and anticipate them to be very popular, why… still can’t put our finger on the exact reason why we just know we need one and everyone else does as well. This just seems like the right tool for whatever comes at the end of 2020, fight off Zombies most effectively might need one for each hand.  

M12 FUEL™ HATCHET™ 6” Pruning Saw Kit (2527-21)

  • 6” Oregon® Bar & Chain
  • Full House Chain
  • Speed: 5 m/s
  • Chain Gauge: .043”
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8” Low Profile
  • Oiler: Automatic
  • Easy Access Chain Tensioner
  • Metal Bucking Spikes
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Onboard Scrench Storage
  • Length: 18.49”
  • Height: 9.12”
  • Width: 3.76”
  • Weight: 4.85 lbs w/battery
  • 3-year warranty