With roots dating back to the 1950’s, Jobox is well-known as an industry leader in the manufacturing of rugged, dependable and secure tool storage products for trucks and jobsite storage. Jobox premium tool boxes, chests, and safety cabinets are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of professionals in the building, construction, and other skilled trade industries. Committed to keeping up with the needs of experienced pros, the ever-changing storage and security requirements, and high-quality standards, Jobox continues to stay at the forefront of tool storage and security solutions through innovation.

Why Jobox?

Before we get to the exciting new products, it’s important to understand why Jobox has been known as an industry leader for nearly 70 years. Beginning as a small company that produced and erected farm silos in Mississippi, Jobox started out as Delta Construction Industries and designed and manufactured the world’s first “steel crossover truck box” to secure tools and equipment in the beds of pickup trucks. Since then, Jobox has expanded their product offerings to include flammable liquids storage in safety-critical industrial facilities, durable and secure on-site storage boxes, mesh mobile cabinets, and more, with a focus on 5 key goals when developing each new item they produce:

  • Superior security with their Site-Vault™ Security System and 3-point locking system
  • Strong lids, body & corrosion resistance utilizing heavy gauge steel reinforcement to prevent bending from cargo or attempted break-ins and textured powder paint to resist corrosion, chips, and abrasion
  • Superior safety designed in with commercial gas springs for safe lid opening & closing and beveled edge lids eliminating sharp edges
  • Organized storage through Lift-N-Stow™ shelves and built-in wall and lid storage features
  • Portability with four-way access skid bolsters and compatibility with casters for easy transportation

The Jobox Site-Vault™ Piano Box

The perfect combination of storage space, organization, and security, the world renowned Jobox Piano Box is a jobsite must have. Two storage bins on both side walls and the Lift-n-Stow™ shelf give you room to store any item while the Site-Vault™ lock system will ensure that your valuables remain safe and secure. The Jobox Piano Box comes in a variety of different sizes and has been a fan favorite for some time now, so they decided to release a new and improved version with even more enhanced features.

What’s New

Jobox stopped by Ohio Power Tool to show us just how different the new Piano Box really is. Here’s what we found:

  • New integrated storage with hooks & cargo nets behind the lid
  • New heavy-duty beveled edge lid for increased safety and water drainage
  • Newly redesigned lid opening system for easier operation
  • New integrated sidewall locker for personal item storage
  • New & improved padlock compatibility, suited for Master #1, #5, #175
    or American 50
  • New quicker & easier lock install
  • New & improved aesthetics and ID

We found the beveled edge to be one of the nicest new features. Not only does it make the product more safe, but it also enhances the durability of the unit by creating a pathway for water drainage. This way if it rains, you won’t have water sitting on the locker for a long period of time. We thought the sidewall locker was a cool new feature as well for added security and we were overall impressed with the sturdiness and strength of the boxes. We’re stocking up on the new 60″ Piano Box (2-682990-01) and 60″ Drop Front Piano Box (2-683990-01) knowing that these are going to be a hot commodity.

How It Stands Out

So how do these new Jobox features really compare to other jobsite storage options out there? There’s actually quite a bit of differentiation. Some noteworthy differences include:

Chamfered lid increases lid strength & durability
Gas-spring assist design allowing easier opening lid✖*✖*
Built-in harness & jacket storage in open lids plus cargo net
Multiple built-in sidewall storage bins
1,000 lb. capacity shelf for hanging chain hoists
Private lockable sidewall bin
4-way skid bolsters with easy self-tap screw installation
Lock system compatible with Master #1, #5, #175 or American 50
Lift-N-Stow™ shelf for easy large item storage
HD sidewall security and weather resistance
Site-Vault™ security system
Recessed safety handles
*Dampener only, not assisted opening

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