The war against all air tools and air hoses wages on at Milwaukee Tool with the coming launch of the new 2486-22 (kit) / 2486-20 (bare) M12 FUEL Straight Die Grinder. Joining the right angle M12 FUEL Die Grinder 2485-22 launched last year this new version shares some of the same parts, likely with the same motor. There are some noticeable differences outside the obvious shape, 2486 only has 3 speeds vs 4, with a max of 21,000 RPMs (2485 model, max RPM is 24,500) but functionally very similar performance. 

M12 Die Grinder

M12 vs Pneumatic Tools

There have been other cordless die grinders in the past however most fall on 18V platforms and are much larger and more powerful similar to the M18 die grinder 2784-20 which are not good replacements for small air die grinders. These new M12 FUEL die grinders are the first brushless grinders with similar weight and size but most importantly outperform traditional pneumatic die grinders by 20% or more. 

Milwaukee 2486-22

Check Out Shop Tool Review Video on 2485-22

For a little more on performance and applications check out the video above, obviously a straight die grinder is a different configuration more popular for use with carbide burrs, certain cutting applications and less common for surface prep than the 2485-22 right angle but again performance will be pretty similar.

Die Grinder Accessories

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