It’s no secret Ridgid has lead the Pressing category for many many years now. Their current larger ProPress RP340 replaced it predecessor RP330 several years ago, reducing size and weight and adding some functionality. The torch has been passed once again at this year’s AHR show Ridgid announced the ProPress RP350 will be launching later this year (May-June), so what’s new? Check out this Mechanical Hub quick demo video and some additional launch info below to find out.

The RH350 again gets a little smaller, loosing 3” on length to get into tighter spaces as well as 5% lighter, the head also now rotates a full 360 degrees so getting into those tight spaces will be that much easier.

This new ProPress does more than just go on a diet, it also gets a new brushless motor which still presses to the same specs but gets 20% more presses per charge thanks to better efficiency. It also eliminates set service intervals which previously needed to go back to the factory every few years. Not to worry you’ll still know if the tool ever needs serviced thanks to the newly integrated RIDGID LINK app which tracks the tool, provides specs, usage and service needs.

Of course as always all the Pressing attachments are forward and backwards compatible for ProPress copper and stainless, PureFlow PEX, MegaPress for carbon Steel, Press Booster, New StrutSlayer (we first saw launch at STAFDA late 2019), Soil Pipe SnapHead and more.

Of course check us out at Ohio Power Tool for all your Ridgid Press Tool needs, attachments and warranty service.