Milwaukee is known for creating the first portable electric hacksaw–the Sawzall–in 1951 and revolutionizing cutting power tools. Set to launch in November 2020, Milwaukee has announced that they will now be releasing a new, souped-up Sawzall that’s better than all the rest. The newest generation (2821) claims to have the fastest cutting in class, most durability, and a lighter weight compared to those before it. They are also releasing a version with ONE-KEY (2822), which allows users to customize performance for unrivaled productivity, as well as track and manage the tool through the ONE-KEY app. True to all M18 FUEL products, the new Sawzall combines three exclusive innovations–the POWERSTATE brushless motor, REDLITHIUM battery pack, and REDLINK PLUS intelligence.

What is it?

Designed for the toughest applications on the jobsite, this is the fastest cutting reciprocating saw in its class and the most durable Sawzall reciprocating saw yet.

“The first generation of the M18 FUEL SAWZALL changed the game for pros because it allowed them to cut the cord for the very first time. This year we are continuing to push the boundaries of cordless technology with the second generation of the M18 FUEL SAWZALL – the fastest-cutting reciprocating saw in its class. Plus, not only is it lighter than the previous generation, but it’s also the most durable SAWZALL reciprocating saw to-date.”

-Tyson Apfelbeck, Director of Product Marketing for Milwaukee Tool

The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor provides 3,000 SPM and a 1-1/4” stroke length for faster material removal, allowing fast cuts in materials such as wood with nails, black pipe, and conduit. REDLINK PLUS Intelligence ensures maximum performance under load and protection from overloading. Additional features include an adjustable shoe, rafter hook, LED light, and 5-year manufacturer warranty.

What’s New?

As the most durable Sawzall yet, Milwaukee focused significantly on improving durability with this upgrade. With advances in M18 FUEL technology since the first generation Sawzall (2720) was introduced, the new model is faster and more powerful. The legendary slider crank mechanism has been upgraded to include an improved and more durable dust and water ingress. They have also boosted the blade clamp durability with anti-corrosion material, improved the wear-resistance of the blade-change lever, and added a metal reinforced battery connection for enhanced durability and battery retention over the life of the tool.


Milwaukee is rolling out the 2821 Sawzall as well as a 2822 model with ONE-KEY technology. This version has the added benefit of compatibility with the ONE-KEY app, customization and a CUT-BRAKE feature, allowing the blade to automatically stop once a cut is completed to help avoid cutting sensitive or unintended materials. With the touch of a button, go back and forth between 3 saved modes on the tool that you can create and customize for different applications. Within the ONE-KEY app, you can also track the tool with community tracking and alerts and digitally manage it.

How Do I Get It?

The 2821 model is set to launch in November as a 2 Battery Kit (2821-22), 1 Battery Kit (2821-21) or Bare Tool (2821-20). The ONE-KEY sister product will be launching slightly later, around January of 2021, as a 2 Battery Kit (2822-22) or Bare Tool (2822-20). All models are available for pre-sale NOW at Ohio Power Tool.

If you have any questions about Milwaukee Sawzall Reciprocating Saws or can’t find what you need, the team at Ohio Power Tool is happy to help if you call 800-242-4424 or email, or feel free to leave a comment below!