Milwaukee’s M18 line is one of the most popular series of power tools to have ever existed. Say what you will about the red-and-black, but they know how to create a powerhouse tool built for longevity, durability, and perhaps most importantly, ease of use. It’s almost like an unofficial tenet of the Milwaukee brand; to manufacture incredible, high-quality tools that make people’s lives easier. From smaller hand tools like the half inch impact wrench to the beefier boys like the drain cleaning gear and chop saws, the M18 line is available for nearly every conceivable industry that would need power tools. And with the introduction of their latest addition to the M18 family, they’ve entered the HVAC arena swinging.

M18 FUEL™ 5 CFM Vacuum Pump

This is the all-new M18 FUEL 5 CFM Vacuum Pump. For those unfamiliar, vacuum pumps are typically used in the installation and repair of HVAC utilities, and are designed to assist in the removal of air and gas molecules in an enclosed space, creating a, well, vacuum; an area completely devoid of air, gas, and all other kinds of matter. Milwaukee’s battery-powered version eliminates the need for extraneous cords while you’re on the job, giving you not only freedom of movement around the site, but also a significantly smaller footprint on the work space itself, creating less of a hazard for yourself and others. With the inclusion of the industry’s first ever manifold mode, which helps to boost speed and runtime on jobs with flow restricted manifold setups, Milwaukee has managed to increase the runtime of the tool from sixty minutes on its default mode to over ninety minutes on manifold mode, using the included 8.0aH battery and larger half inch hose connections. Keep in mind, however, that the 8.0 is Milwaukee’s recommended battery to use with the pump; larger capacity batteries like the 12.0aH will lead to even further increases in runtime, while lesser capacity batteries such as the 5.0aH will have the opposite effect. Depending on your workload, it may be a good idea to bring along a spare battery or two and maybe even a charger!

M18 FUEL 5 CFM Vacuum Pump at work!

Milwaukee has also included a slew of additional features in this newest addition to their M18 lineup, including a series of valves all designed to increase productivity and efficiency on the jobsite. An isolation ball valve is used to isolate the pump for quick and easy battery changes on the go, while an internal check valve is designed to protect the system vacuum while the pump is not in use; a gas ballast valve is also included to increase the longevity of the oil life while as a result reducing the frequency of oil changes. To that end, Milwaukee has also included a large oil port and angled oil drain pan, all for fast and simple oil changes without the need for a funnel, thereby saving you that much more time. The easily replaceable parts are designed to extend the tool’s working life, meaning you won’t have to replace the entire system as soon as some of the competitors.

“Feed me, father.” – Vacuum Pump

With compatibility on half inch, quarter inch, and three eighths inch ports and an expected release window of June 2023, Milwaukee’s all-new M18 FUEL Vacuum Pump is sure to be included in many a PACKOUT stack or tool bag this summer; make sure it’s in yours by pre-ordering with Ohio Power Tool at one of the links above, and feel free to reach out at or 614-481-2111 with any questions, comments, or concerns. Be sure to follow Ohio Power Tool on all of your favorite social media channels to stay in the know on the latest deals, announcements, releases, and more!