Diamond Products has a large selection of some of the best cutting, coring, and grinding tools on the market. Their walk-behind concrete saw collection has 6″-60″ options for any heavy-duty concrete cutting applications you may have. Between their newer Front Pivot Saws and powerful 71HP Walk Behind Saw, they are equipped to get the job done right every time.

Versatile Display Options 

The digital 4” display features enhanced color graphics for superior visibility in bright light. You can choose between blade speed, engine speed, and engine torque display modes to accurately monitor your work while in use. All of the important saw controls are located conveniently on the display panel.

Walk-behind concrete saws from Diamond Products have easy-to-read digital display features with enhanced color graphics for superior visibility in bright light. You can choose between blade speed, engine speed, and engine torque display modes to accurately monitor your work while in use. The blade overspeed alert automatically sends a warning if the blade RPM exceeds safe limits to keep you and your tool safe from harm. Additionally, engine service alerts pop up when needed to send maintenance reminders and ensure the engine is always functioning properly.

Front Pivot Saws Offer Enhanced Blade Control

The Diamond Products Front Pivot Saws were released earlier this year, so they are newer models from Diamond Products. They have adjustable blade lowering speed options mounted on the dash for quick, precise adjustments. The seven quick disconnect flanges detach from a stuck blade to minimize downtime. Additionally, the blade shaft offers great support from its 2 pillow-block style ball bearings. The lever on these models allows you to control the saw blade with one hand, changing from forward, reverse, raise, and lower all in one ergonomic grip. The two models we currently carry have a 26” and 30” blade max, but Diamond Products makes 14”-42” blade capacity models as well.

Product image of the Diamond Products Front Pivot Saw

The Front Pivot Saws are ergonomically designed with optimum weight distribution for the best performance. The handlebars can be set and locked at three different positions for the most comfortable angles during use, and the automatic parking break with hydraulic application gives the user the most control possible. It’s heavy-duty wheels have durable polyurethane tread on front wheels and thick rubber tread on the rear to easily glide across different surfaces while cutting. These are built with the user in mind to deliver the easiest and most precise concrete cutting job possible.

The 50HP CAT engine is a certified EPA/CARB Tier 4 engine, delivering clean, reliable power to the jobsite. It is backed by the world-class product support through the CAT Global Dealer Network, which provides expert maintenance and repairs for the full life-cycle of your product. They practice preventative maintenance to proactively care for your parts and equipment before they are damaged beyond repair, and give you the maximum value of your investments.

71HP Single Speed Walk-Behind Saw

If you’re looking for something a little larger that is still easily maneuverable, the 36″ Core Cut 71HP Kubota Diesel Concrete Walk-Behind Saw is a great option. It has less rear weight and is self-propelling so it greatly lessens user fatigue and can be operated with only one hand. This model has a 71HP Kubota Diesel engine, so it is immensely powerful for your toughest cutting jobs. The liquid-cooled engine offers smoother operation and longer run-time. This saw has the strongest frame on the market, so you get unbeatable power, durability, and reliability for the price.

The Diamond Products 36″ Core Cut 71HP Diesel Walk-Behind Saw (DP41741)and the CC5049DC Front Pivot Saws in the 26″ and 30″ blade options are now available at Ohio Power Tool! Have any questions about these concrete saws or anything else from Diamond Products? The OPT team is here to help! Give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at sales@ohiopowertool.com, or leave a comment below for assistance. To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!