Do you remember that scene in whichever piece of Superman media was around when you were growing up (it was the series Smallville for this writer) when Clark Kent would use his X-ray vision to see through a wall? Picture that power in the palm of your hand and in the shape of what can only be described as a gizmo (though we’d also accept a whatchamacallit), and powered by the unparalleled performance of the 12V Max lithium ion battery platform, and you’ll get the new Bosch D-TECT 200C; a wall and floor scanner with enough technology inside to give Batman a run for his “World’s Greatest Detective” title. Let’s dive into this thing, shall we?

So first things first, let’s start with the screen. Coming in at three and a half inches, it won’t rival your iPhones or your Samsungs or your Nintendos, or whatever it is you kids run around with these days, but it does provide optimal clarity and easy readability with a full colour spectrum readout. The new D-TECT 200C also supports a screenshot feature, allowing for quick and easy capture of your work space, with the ability to save and upload those screenshots to a computer via the supported USB-C port or SD card for further, more detailed analysis. 

We should also take a moment to talk about the technology in this thing, because it’s absolutely nuts. The radar technology the new D-TECT 200C supports allows for up to eight inches of measuring depth in materials such as concrete and cement, with four different object views, giving you the ability to detect both live and non-live cables and both metal and plastic piping, with color indication to differentiate the materials you’re looking at. Bosch has also implemented technology allowing you to detect leaks in pipes, as well as spot view technology to get fast readings from hard to reach spaces, such as corners; if all that isn’t enough, it can also act as a stud finder!

Bosch’s new D-TECT 200C is impressive on many fronts, not the least of which is the inclusion of their incredible 12V Max lithium ion battery platform, providing unmatched performance, runtime, and reliability. The power of the new D-TECT 200C is sure to turn some heads, and you can get in on the ground floor of that by clicking on one of the multitude of links (including the one here) to pick yours up at Ohio Power Tool today. Don’t forget to follow us wherever you get your social media fix to stay up to date on all the latest deals, tool releases and more!