Coming October 1 to Ohio Power Tool, the Festool ES-ETS/C 125 Positioning Aid Edge Sanding Attachment is a must-have for any sanding project. This innovative edge sanding guide can be paired with the ETS 125 REQ Sander, PRO 5 Sander & ETSC 125 Cordless Sander to drastically improve the stability, efficiency, and precision of your current sander due to its intuitive and ergonomic design. It is a must-have for any furniture manufacturing, edge sanding, and home improvement project.

The Festool Es-ETS/C 125 Positioning Aid Edge Sanding Attachment ensures a quick and reliable sanding process with every use. It easily attaches to the 5” Random Orbit ETS 125 REQ and PRO 5 Sanders, as well as the ETSC 125 Cordless Sander and is able to adapt to any kind of edge, angle, and curvature for perfect finished results in a fraction of the time.  Sanding by hand requires lots of back-and-forth scrubbing and can often yield a more uneven finish. However, the Festool sanding attachment allows the sander to glide over any surface with ease for a perfect finish every time. This product is both cost-effective and quick, saving up to 50% of time compared to working with a sanding block.

Reliability and safety are not a concern with this edge sanding attachment because its full surface support prevents tipping and sanding through. The angle adjustment feature makes it easy to switch to different angles and abrasion levels instantly. Simply pull the lever on top of the attachment to adjust your angle and it will lock into place without the need for separate tools. This tool can be used on every edge: whether straight or curved, untreated or painted, perpendicular or at an angle. Even large workplaces can be finished with ease because the locking feature ensures that your sanding angle will remain consistent while in use. Additionally, the protective crosshead guide paired with the full-surface support ensures safety and stability when tackling any sanding project.

No surface will be left un-sanded when the Festool Edge Sanding Attachment is around! Multiple abrasion settings are available to accommodate for any surface texture. Soft sanding mode can be used on painted or filled edges for intermediate sanding that won’t sand through. Pre-sanding can be done in hard mode that preps the edge at any set angle.

Product Details

  • We are always looking for ways to make your work experience simpler and more efficient, and this tool does exactly that! Its straightforward design and easy-to-adjust angle and abrasion levels save you time, energy, and money by accommodating your every need.
  • The slideaway lining on the crossheaded guide can be replaced easily to match the surface you are sanding. Velour linings are included for delicate surfaces and plastic linings can be used on all other surfaces. This ensures that both your workspace and sander will be protected against wear-and-tear during use.
  • There is a wide range of applications for this edge sander. It can be used on small and large workpieces and adjusts to any angle or curve you need. It can even tackle narrow spaces from 5-60mm, and sloped surfaces between 43-92°. Want to smooth down the edges on a round dining room table? Or the back of a curved chair? The Festool Edge Sanding Attachment can do just that. It even allows you to work right up to the inside corners of your workpiece with ease.
  • The angle adjustment feature allows you to switch up your sanding angle instantly. Once you find your desired angle, the attachment locks into place to ensure projects are consistent and identical.
  • This attachment is battery-powered and completely cordless, making it portable and fuss-free.
  • One of the major perks of this product is that it is dust free! Your workspace can remain clean and dustless, eliminating the need for cleanup after each project.  


Product TypeSander Accessory
Angle adjustment43 – 92°
Edge height5 – 60 mm


This product retails for $99 and qualifies for free shipping. It’s available for pre-order in-store and on the Ohio Power Tool website!

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