Festool has been a leader in creating the most efficient and precise cordless cutting tools on the market, and their new 18V TSC 55 K cordless track saw carries on this tradition. But how can you improve on an already amazing track saw line? By adding Kickback Stop, more power, thinner and more durable blades, extended run time, and twice the cut speed with the same laser-straight, splinter-free results you always get from Festool. The all new TSC 55 K 6-1/4″ Cordless Track Saw provides the simplest and safest solution for all your cutting applications.

The kickback control on the TSC 55 K Track Saw can easily be turned on and off when needed to allow for complete control over your tool.

Kickback Stop Safety Feature

The standout feature of the new Festool TSC 55 K Cordless Track Saw is the innovative kickback stop application. Kickback is the most common cause of serious injury when using a track saw, so Festool integrated their kickback stop feature to prevent harm to you, your tool, and your workpiece. The TSC 55K Saw has a wedge at its base that can sense when the saw lifts off of the guide rail. If kickback occurs, the saw immediately shuts off to keep you in control of the tool and prevent injury. Because kickback is no longer an issue, you can make more powerful, precise cuts up to 2x faster without risk of damage to your work. This feature can also be manually deactivated when it is not needed and will automatically turn back on once the saw is restarted.

Unmatched Power and Control

If the new and improved safety features aren’t enough to catch your attention, Festool is constantly outdoing themselves with updates to deliver the best performance possible with new and improved features. The concentrated torque of the TSC 55 K track saw allows you to work twice as fast without sacrificing cutting quality. Additionally, this saw features a transparent sliding viewing window that leaves a clear view of the blade so you can achieve a precise and accurate cut with every use.

Festool has released six new saw blades with enhanced tooth geometry to easily cut through wood, laminate, aluminum, plastics, and abrasive materials.

Along with the 18V cordless track saw, Festool is releasing a new line of thin saw blades that are designed to provide a faster cutting speed and 50% longer battery life for more cuts per charge. Their enhanced tooth geometry provides up to 40% longer blade life and consistent cut quality. With these new saw blades, you can easily cut through hard and soft wood, laminate, aluminum, plastics, and abrasive materials. Complete with the long-lasting lithium-ion battery and brushless EC-TEC motor, this track saw has unmatched efficiency and run time.

The TSC 55 K track saw with kickback stop is Festool's most efficient

The fool-proof combination of the TSC 55 K saw paired with guide rails, saw blades, splinter guard, and multifunction table makes this the most efficient and convenient sawing system out there. This saw is available to purchase as a bare tool (FEST-576717), or in two kit options. One of the kits (FEST-576718) includes two batteries and a rapid charger, and the other comes with both the batteries, rapid charger, and the FS 1400 guide rail (FEST-577008). This track saw provides an all-around great user experience for hobbyists and working professionals alike. This exciting new release is available for special order now at Ohio Power Tool and is set to launch around mid-June 2021!

The Festool TSC 55 K Cordless Saw paired with the guide rail creates the most precise cuts possible.

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