Simpson Strong-Tie anchors are some of the best on the market, and they have products to fit wide a variety of applications. There are a few compatible product lines out there, but if you’ve heard the hype around Simpson Strong-Tie and are looking to make the switch, this post should help clarify what Simpson has to offer and how their products compare to other common brands you may be familiar with like Hilti, DeWalt, and Red Head.

A Titen HD Screw Anchor is being installed into the base of a fixture to secure it to concrete.

Titen HD Screw Anchors

Simpson Strong-Tie Titen HD Heavy-Duty Screw Anchors are high-strength screw anchors for use in both cracked and un-cracked concrete and un-cracked masonry. The serrated teeth on the tip of the Titen HD anchors require low installation torque while providing outstanding performance in both static and seismic loading conditions. The Titen HD Anchors are also removable, making them a great option for temporary applications or for fixtures that may need to be removed. These are recommended for use in dry, interior, non-corrosive environments, or temporary outdoor applications.

The Titen HD features serrated teeth on its tip that require low installation torque while providing outstanding performance in both static and seismic loading conditions.

If you have used screw anchors from Hilti, DeWalt, or Red Head, the Titen HD Screw Anchors are a strong competitor to the models listed below. The self-undercutting, non-expansion characteristics of the Titen HD anchors make them ideal for structural applications, even at reduced edge distances and spacings. While the following screw anchors can be used in the same applications as the Simpson Titen HD anchors, the strength and convenience of the Titen anchors are hard to beat.

BrandItem Number
HiltiKwik-HUS Screw Anchor
Kwik-HUS-EZ Screw Anchor
KH-EZ CRC Screw Anchor
DeWaltWedge Bolt+ Screw Anchor
Screw Bolt+ Screw Anchor
Red HeadLarge Diameter Tapcon (LDT) Anchor
Tapcon+ Screw Anchor

Titen Turbo Screw Anchors

Titen Turbo Screw Anchors feature an innovative Torque Reduction Channel that traps drilling dust where it cannot obstruct thread action, helping to reduce binding, stripping, and snapping without compromising strength. These anchors feature a patented reverse thread design that enables smooth driving with less torque and enhanced holding power.

a Titen Turbo Screw Anchor works well for installing conduit into concrete.

The Titen Turbo Anchors are available in hex head or 6-lobe-drive countersunk flat head screws for a flush profile. The Titen Turbos work best in dry interior environments such as electrical boxes, conduit, switch boxes, light fixtures, windows, thresholds, shelf mounting to concrete, and handrails.

Compared to the competitor screw, the Titen Turbo Anchor us able to drill deeper by trapping drilling dust in the Torque Reduction Channel, rather than pushing it to the base of the hole.

These carbon steel anchors provide superior tension load performance compared to the competition. Additionally, the serrated screw point allows for easier starts when fastening wood. If you currently use the screw anchor models listed below, the Simpson Strong-Tie Titen Turbo Anchors are a comparable alternative:

BrandItem Number
HiltiKwik-Con II+ Torx Flat Screw Anchor
DeWaltUltraCon, UltraCon+ Screw Anchor
Crete-Flex Screw Anchor
Aggre-Gator Screw Anchor
Red HeadTapcon Screw Anchor

AT-XP Fast Drying Acrylic Adhesive

The Simpson AT-XP Fast Drying Acrylic Adhesive comes as a two-component anchoring adhesive for use in warm, cold, and below freezing temperatures.

The Simpson Strong-Tie AT-XP Fast Drying Acrylic Adhesive is a two-component, high-strength anchoring adhesive for use on threaded rod and rebar in concrete and masonry. This adhesive is incredibly versatile because it can be used in dry and damp conditions, as well as in cold, warm, or below freezing temperatures without needing to warm the cartridge. This is the latest innovation from Simpson Strong-Tie and provides the easiest hole cleaning method, eliminating the need for power brushing. The AT-XP Adhesive is suitable for horizontal, vertical, and overhead applications, and is available in 9.4, 12.5, and 30 oz. bottles.

The adhesives from Hilti, DeWalt or Red Head listed below are similar to the AT-XP adhesive from Simpson, however Simpson’s version is manufactured in the USA, cures quickly, and tends to be more affordable than the competition:

The AT-XP Adhesive is being applied to attach a fixture.
BrandItem Number
HiltiHIT HY-200-R/A Adhesive Anchor
HIT HY-270 Adhesive Anchor
HIT HY-70 Adhesive Anchor
HIT HY-100 Adhesive Anchor
HIT HY-10 PLUS Adhesive Anchor
DeWaltAC100+ Gold Vinylester Injection Adhesive Anchor
AC200+ Gold Vinylester Injection Adhesive Anchor
Red HeadC6+
The Simpson Strong- Tie SET-XP Epoxy Adhesive is a two-component adhesive and is suitable for dry, damp, and water-saturated environments.

SET-XP Epoxy Adhesive

Another great adhesive from Simpson Strong-Tie is the SET-XP Epoxy Adhesive, available in 8.5, 22, and 56 oz. bottles. This two-component adhesive is epoxy-based and can be used for anchoring and doweling into cracked and un-cracked concrete, as well as un-cracked masonry applications. This adhesive is suitable for dry, damp, and water-saturated environments, making it a great option for water and sewage treatment, grouted concrete block, and seismic retrofit. Just like the rest of the Simpson Strong-Tie product range, the SET-XP Epoxy Adhesive is value-engineered for the lowest installed cost at the highest-rated performance level. Similar products include:

BrandItem Number
HiltiHIT-RE-500 SD Epoxy Anchor
DeWaltPure110+ Epoxy Injection Adhesive Anchor
PE1000+ Epoxy Injection Adhesive Anchor
Red HeadC6+

If you’re in need of a dependable anchoring system that is both affordable and easy to install, Simpson Strong-Tie has got your back. If you have any questions about the Simpson Strong-Tie anchoring products, or any of our other concrete anchoring options, the OPT team is here to help! Give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!