The Festool Systainer system is well-known as a premium click-together storage system. The various different models allow for quick and efficient transportation of your tools and materials on the jobsite, in the workshop, and on the go. There are a variety of customization and organization opportunities available to ensure that the system fits your exact needs and so that everything you’re carrying is optimally protected, clearly stored and easy to transport.

What’s Different About It?

If you’re a Festool fan, you probably already own some Systainer pieces. So what’s new about the new Systainer³ line? Well, the size! Festool saw that a common issue with transportable storage solutions is that larger tools, machines and accessories simply don’t fit in them. When you’re constantly on the go, hauling everything separately is a hassle, and really defeats the purpose of having the storage system in the first place. The new Systainer³ is designed to fix this, with different pieces available in a variety of widths and heights to fit your needs. The largest model is a whopping 31.18″ x 11.65″ x 13.27″. For comparison–the Milwaukee Large Packout is 22.1″ x 16.2″ x 11.1″.

The new Systainer³ line doesn’t only come in jumbo sizes, however. There are Medium, Large, ToolBox, and Organizer options available (so far) as well. Festool will be using this generational design for the foreseeable future, but the new Systainer³ options are compatible with previous generations as well. A common feature among all of the models in the new line is the single turn open, close and connect, ensuring that your materials are accessible at all times without having to disconnect anything first.

Standard Medium and Large Boxes

The standard Medium and Large boxes are those most similar to existing Systainers and comparable click-together storage systems. The new line offers a broader base area for added storage, and has a few new features to look forward to on select models, like a carrying handle and pull-out aid. The front carrying handle allows you to easily pick up and transport your system, creating a more ergonomic and comfortable design for carrying it close to the body. With other models, a pull-out aid is included on the bottom of the box for easy movement on and removal from racks. To keep everything together, all Systainer³ units can also connect to a variety of Festool‘s other system accessories, like mobile dust extractors for example.

The New XXL Box

Lugging around your big tools separately is now a thing of the past. Festool‘s new XXL boxes feature a load capacity of nearly 90 lbs and are designed to ensure that you can easily transport everything you need from the workshop to the jobsite. These large new containers can be connected to each other along with all other Systainer³ models, Systainer T-LOC products and the SYS-Cart for easy transport. A recessed grip pull-out aid is incorporated at the bottom of the box for easy removal and carrying, while integrated latches can be used to ensure that your stack of Systainers are locked securely for safe travel.

Systainer ToolBox

For added convenience, the Systainer³ ToolBox model provides an organized, easy-to-access solution in your workspace. The new ToolBox, like the Standard boxes, offers a broader base area for more space, but hand tools, consumables and accessories that you may be frequently using can be quickly stored and retrieved from this style container. A foldable carrying handle allows you to make the ToolBox more compact to save space, and these are also able to connect to each other, any other Systainer model, and many other Festool accessories.

Systainer Organizer

If small items are your specialty, the Systainer³ Organizer is a must have. This model also features a broader base for even more space compared to previous models. Small internal containers in seven different sizes create variable separation to keep all of your small parts organized. Labelling panels are included on these internal containers for easy, quick identification and enhanced overview. The organizers can be stacked together or on any other Systainer units, and the transparent lid allows you to find the right accessories in each of your Organizers at just a glace.

The SYS-Cart

As you’ve probably experienced–the more you’re transporting, the heavier the load. The SYS-Cart creates a secure, no-slip base for transporting nearly anything you need over long distances, parking areas or large construction sites. A secure locking brake on two of the wheels ensures that the cart can rest securely wherever you need it, and a 220lb load capacity allows you to transport your heavy tools, accessories or materials where you need them. The central control element is designed to accommodate Systainer T-LOC units and the new Systainer³ system, including the XXL models that are wider than the cart itself. Four strap feedthroughs enable objects to be securely tied down during transport to add extra prevention from slipping or tilting.

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