Skilsaw has been making state-of-the-art worm drive saws since their start in 1924. The creators of the first portable circular saw have continued their reputation for innovation with the new 10-1/4 in. TrueHVL Cordless Worm Drive Saw (SPTH70M-01). Skilsaw is the only manufacturer of cordless worm drive circular saws and the power, accuracy, endurance, and durability that this saw features makes it a great all-around option for industry professionals.

The 10-1/4 in. TrueHVL Cordless Worm Drive Saw (SPTH70M-01) cutting through wood.

Why Choose A Worm Drive Saw?

If you are looking for a powerful and dependable saw that is guaranteed to tackle any cutting job, a worm drive circular saw is definitely the way to go. Worm drive saws deliver higher torque compared to direct drive saws due to their larger gear teeth. Some saws claim to be “worm drive-style” to try and mimic their power with the familiar rear-handle design, but they still cannot out-perform the original worm drive saw. Worm drives typically have a rear-motor design and blade on the left to increase visibility and precision when cutting. These saws have everything you need to complete your cutting applications in the quickest and most accurate way possible.

 The 10-1/4 in. TrueHVL Cordless Worm Drive Saw (SPTH70M-01) displayed in a jobsite.

The Skilsaw 10-1/4” TrueHVL Cordless Worm Drive Saw has a 3-11/16” depth of cut, allowing it to cut 4x material in a single pass at 90°. This saw also has a 0-51° bevel capacity to create a variety of bevel cuts depending on the application. Skilsaw is the only manufacturer of cordless worm drive saws, so using their platform you are able to combine the power and durability of a worm drive saw with the portability of a cordless saw. This one-of-a-kind tool redefines the cutting potential of circular saws.

Skilsaw SPTH70M-01 in use, showing blade on left side for easy to see and track wood cutting.

User-Friendly Design

Worm drive saws are designed with the needs of the user in mind. The blade is on the left side, making it easier to see and track your cuts. Their narrower profile and longer distance between the blade and handle allow these saws to fit in tighter spaces and give the users a longer reach.

Skilsaw saws are constructed with heavy-duty magnesium, which is a professional-grade material guaranteed to outlast the competition. The durable magnesium body paired with a powerful brushless motor and electric brake gives this saw record breaking worm drive power and jobsite durability. Additionally, an integrated dust extraction system keeps your workplace clean when working with a vacuum.

The  10-1/4 in. TrueHVL Cordless Worm Drive Saw (SPTH70M-01) has a left-aligned blade and a battery in the back to increase visibility and reach.

Unbeatable Endurance & Battery Life

Worm drive saws are incredibly powerful tools, and they need a strong power source to match. Skilsaw’s TrueHVL battery technology is designed specifically for worm drive saws to bring the maximum power output needed for tough cuts. Each cell is wrapped in temperature controlling material that prevents overheating and extends run time. The kit version of this tool (SPTH70M-11) comes with one TrueHVL Lithium-Ion Battery (SPTH15) as well as a charger, blade, and auxiliary handle. The TrueHVL Cordless Worm Drive Saw works best when paired with the 48V 5.0Ah Lithium Ion battery (SPTH-15) and the 76240 Skilsaw blade for maximum performance and durability during use.  

 The 10-1/4 in. TrueHVL Cordless Worm Drive Saw cutting through a plank of wood with construction worker utilizing auxiliary handle and left-facing blade.

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