Klein Tools, a family-owned and operated manufacturer since 1857, has been designing and developing hundreds of premium-quality, professional-grade hand tools that professional tradespeople love and use every day. This year, Klein has launched a new line as part of their hard hat family–KARBN Hard Hats–offering protection from front, back and side impacts, with long term comfort, amazing fit and a sleek new look.

The KARBN pattern is a hydro-dipped film applied to Klein’s PC/ABS composite hard hat surface. Not only do the KARBN Hard Hats have a sleek new look, but they bring with them new innovations and quality improvements as well.

“Klein Tools’ new line of KARBN hard hats have the latest innovations in long-term comfort, fit and head protection safety… The new look KARBN models come with an added dimension of comfort and safety by integrating evaporative cooling technology into our sweatband and top pad for more effective cooling on hot days.” -Shantanu Deshpande, Klein Tools Senior Product Manager

Construction worker wearing Klein KARBN hard hat in dark room with head lamp turned on

KARBN Features

The new line of KARBN hard hats feature some new and some tried-and-true features. Each of the new models include a Klein auto-off rechargeable headlamp for added visibility while working. These headlamps are securely attached with new patent-pending accessory mounts on the front and back of the hat to ensure that they are precise and no straps are needed or getting in the way.

Klein Vented Full Brim Premium KARBN Class C Hard Hat with Rechargeable Headlamp 60347

A premium blue sweatband and top pad with advanced evaporative technology provides superior comfort. These features are padded and breathable, machine washable, and replaceable. In warm weather, you can wet the pads for hours of extra cooling. A large ratchet knob exists on the 4-point suspension system for easy one-handed adjustment–even with gloves on. The pivoting suspension is designed to help clear bandanas, knots, masks and ponytails for comfort no matter how you wear your hard hat. The vented 60347 model features Klein’s exclusive adjustable side vents, allowing the wearer to open the vents for optimal air circulation in hot weather or close them for wind resistance in cold weather.

KARBN Safety

Klein Full Brim Premium KARBN Hard Hat with Rechargeable Headlamp 4-Point Suspension system with ratchet adjustment knob and pivot adjustment

Both models of the new KARBN Klein hard hats are tested to Type-I ANSI Z89.1(2014)-R2019, CSA Z94.1-15 Reaffirmed 2020, EN397:2012, and EN12492:2012 standards for top, front, back and side impact protection, as well as penetration and lateral deformation. The 4-point suspension offers stability and secure fit, with an open-frame design for optimal air circulation and heat stress protection. A rechargeable auto-off 400-lumen headlamp helps light your workspace in dark areas, while reflective stickers offer easy multi-angle visibility. For added protection, the 60346 model is Class E rated, tested for up to 20kV of dielectric protection.

Cat. No.Safety Helmet DescriptionClassVented
60346KARBN Non-Vented Full Brim Hard Hat w/ Rechargeable Auto-Off HeadlampENo
60347KARBN Vented Full Brim Hard Hat w/ Rechargeable Auto-Off HeadlampCYes

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