Milwaukee continues to innovate their professional tool line, and their commitment is directly reflected in their New M18 Brushless Band Saw. Not only have they taken aim at their own predecessor, the (2629) brushed Band Saw, but they’ve also outdone their competition by offering the fastest cutting speed and largest cut capacity of any compact band saw on the market.

Taking into consideration that a band saw isn’t a consumer-grade tool, Milwaukee made this Band Saw with you, the professional end user, in mind. Now, the M18 Compact Band Saw comes in a Kit (2829-22), a Bare Tool (2829-20), and with a Dual-Trigger (2829S-22) option. Compounding on that, all of these will feature Milwaukee’s Jobsite Armor Technology protecting the tool from drops and debris with its composite material and crush zone barriers for impact absorption. You can also protect your tool from overload with REDLINK PLUS Intelligence. In addition, overall productivity has been increased with the variable speed trigger, tool-free locking adjustable shoe, and LED work light. Want this thing already? You just wait.

[youtube v=”k8Kmb8ZN8AM” maxwidth=”1120px” center=”yes” style=”padding-top: 8px;margin-bottom: 24px;”]

Moving along, the impressiveness doesn’t stop there. The coolest, and most thought-out, feature is the Pipe Reamer Attachment (pictured below) that’s been seamlessly integrated. Basically, you can easily cut and ream with the flick of the wrist. After you make your cut just tilt your saw to ream the edge. No more getting out the grinder, or god forbid a file anymore. The fail-safe benefit of the Dual Trigger option also shows safety is always a top concern in their engineering department, so naturally that option has been made available to you too. Finally, the Blade Covers have been made available, like its predecessor, to protect your blade from damage, minimize exposure, make for a tool-free installation and removal which will only increase efficiency and promote the longevity of your blades. Now how bad do you want it?

It’s clear Milwaukee thought about just about everything with the design of this tool, and once again prove that they listen, and cater to, the true professionals like yourself. Milwaukee realized you are working hard day in and day out and have evolved their products simply to be easier to use—that’s why we, at Ohio Power Tool, bring them to you for the best possible price.

The Reamer Attachment (49-90-2029) and Blade Covers (49-90-2829) will also be available in February, starting at $34.99.

Coming February 2020. Starting at $279. Pre-Order Here.