The newest innovation in jobsite cleanup from Milwaukee has been announced! The M12 Compact Spot Blower is lightweight, easy to control, and cleans up debris in no time. This is the perfect all-in-one task and workspace cleanup solution for professionals, whether you’re in the framing, carpentry, remodeling, mechanical, electrical, plumbing or metalworking industries. Weighing only 3.3 lbs., this tiny tool has a higher blow force, lower sound level, and features more versatile accessories than the competition.

Enhanced Versatility & Performance

The new M12 Compact Spot Blower is super adaptable for jobsite/workstation cleanup applications. It comes with two nozzles–the rubber nozzle, which pinpoints debris from hard-to-reach spaces, and the wide sweeping nozzle that easily clears out more open spaces. These can be attached directly to the blower for close-range use or to the extension nozzle to quickly clean up further away areas. The axial fan design creates the perfect combination of power and run time, so you can get the force of a larger blower in a more compact size. This blower can reach 175 CFM and 110 MPH of air speed, while able to run for up to 15 minutes on its highest speed.

A common frustration with blowers during jobsite cleanup is the unintentional dust storms they produce because of blower kickback, resulting in an even bigger mess. The Compact Spot Blower manages this with a variable speed trigger to keep dust and debris under control during cleanup. The different nozzles also allow you to either move large amounts of debris at once or pinpoint small areas for more control.

Variable Speed Control

This blower has two speed levels to help control the flow of debris and adapt the power output for different applications. Sawdust, metal shavings, small wood shavings, drywall dust, dirt, and debris can be easily removed with this one tool, so you don’t need to bring multiple solutions along with you. There is also a “cruise control” option to minimize fatigue when using the blower for a long period of time.

This is an all around great tool for everyday shop use to keep your work area as clean as possible, packing 18V performance into a compact M12 system to provide focused solutions for the trades. The M12 Compact Spot Blower will sell for $79 and will be available for pre-order soon at Ohio Power Tool! If you have any questions about the M12 Spot Blower or any of our other jobsite cleanup solutions from Milwaukee, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. We’re always happy to help! To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!