The 12V POWERMAXX Cordless Drill/Screwdriver is a superior quality installation 3-in-1 kit from Metabo. This powerful tool is both super compact and lightweight, an impressive design for the level of torque that it puts out.

The 12V POWERMAXX drill features the Metabo “quick” system, which allows you to quickly change your holder and bits. This is also ideal if you are switching between applications because it allows you to quickly do so without needing any extra tools. The kit comes with a quick-change chuck and a quick-change angle adapter that can be easily swapped in and out. Along with the compact design, the 10mm chuck is narrower than most comparable chucks, allowing better access in confined spaces. With the angle adapter attachment, you can reach in at a 90° angle when needed, which adds an extra level of convenience in those hard-to-reach applications.  

The BS 12 Q kit also comes with a 12V 2.0Ah battery pack with Metabo’s intelligent battery management system to deliver the longest runtime possible. You can get up to 150 in-lbs. of soft torque or 354 in-lbs. of hard torque with this battery pack. It has a max capacity of 3/8″ in steel, 23/32″ in wood and an adjustable torque that goes from 4 to 44 in-lbs. of output. The Li-HD battery also displays its charge capacity, so you can constantly monitor the charge status while in use.

The integrated LED work light on the front of the tool with a night light feature provides optimal brightness in your working area when working in low light or dim environments, while the handy tool belt and bit holder allow you to work hands-free and easily transport your tool and bits. All of this comes together in a durable plastic carrying case that is convenient for transport to any jobsite. To make this kit even better—its priced at only $79, which is a great deal for such a versatile tool.

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