Milwaukee is releasing some exciting new additions to their PACKOUT storage lineup. They are introducing 2 new toolboxes: the 2-Drawer and 3-Drawer Tool Box, as well as Customizable Foam Inserts and dividers that fit in each drawer. Not only are the PACKOUT Drawers the most durable toolboxes available, but the dividers and foam inserts allow for endless storage options to accommodate the specific needs of each user.

Image of the 2-Drawer and 3-Drawer Tool Boxes (48-22-8442 & 48-22-8443) stacked on top of each other.

Introducing the New 2-Drawer and 3-Drawer Tool Boxes

The new 2-Drawer and 3-Drawer Tool Boxes (48-22-8442 & 48-22-8443) are great for keeping your tools organized and close by. They both have a 50 lb. weight capacity and a locking security bar to keep drawers closed tightly during transportation. These sturdy toolboxes are impact resistant with metal reinforced edges to keep your equipment safe in even the most intense jobsites. The 2- and 3-Drawer Tool Boxes have modular connectivity to all of the Milwaukee PACKOUT components, so they can attach easily to all other PACKOUT items in your collection. The new drawer design also makes your tools more accessible because you can open the drawers even if you have other toolboxes or equipment stacked on top of them. These are a great base to stack other PACKOUT items on top of due to their side-opening feature.

Endless Organization Options

The customizable dividers make it easier to organize your tools and equipment within each drawer.

Both the 2-Drawer and 3-Drawer Tool Boxes come with customizable drawer dividers so you can switch up the layout of your drawers depending on what you use them for. Each kit comes with 2 long dividers and 6 short dividers that can create up to 9 different layout configurations to fit all of your tools, accessories, and equipment. The PACKOUT Modular Storage System is the most versatile and durable storage system in the industry, and these new toolboxes make your tool storage more convenient than ever before.  

The Customizable Foam insert can be cut to fit around tools of all shapes and sizes. A Milwaukee drill fits securely in the foam cutout so it cannot move around.

The Customizable Foam Inserts for the PACKOUT Tool Boxes allow you to store all our your tools and equipment safely no matter the size or shape. You can easily cut the foam to the shape of your tools to secure items that might roll around or need extra support in your toolbox. It’s great for an added layer of protection and shock-absorption to keep items safe during transportation. Each foam piece is layered, making it easy to make deep or shallow cuts to fit tools of all sizes. These foam inserts are a great solution for both protection and organization because they prevent your equipment from moving around loosely in your tool box.

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