We are proud to announce that the premium Stiletto brand is finally available at Ohio Power Tool! As a formal welcome, in case you’re not familiar with them, here’s a brief rundown of their history and why they have one of the most dedicated followings in the industry.

Founded in 1849, Stiletto’s name is known for the titanium hammer of choice for workers all around the globe! They were also the first introduce features such as the side nail puller and magnetic nail starter that have been replicated across most brands and hammers  that you may be familiar with today.

Not only is Stiletto focused on innovation, but they also are committed to quality. Their hammers have been proudly made in the United States for decades, locally manufacturing some of the best hand tools in the industry with specialized features for carpenters, framers, and remodelers unlike anything else on the market. But, like all good things, you’re probably wondering what the downside has to be, right? Well, quality comes with a price tag. If you’re a DIY’er or simply someone who doesn’t use a hammer on a regular bases for your tasks, Stiletto might not be the brand for you (unless you just have a taste for the finer things in life–we get that). If you need a powerful, durable, and ergonomic hammer that will be reliable, absorb shock better than anything else, and have the prying strength of King Arthur himself, however, Stiletto could be the brand for you!

Photo: @carpenterhumble

Their most popular and powerful hammers are arguably their all-titanium TIBONE and TRIMBONE Hammers that have incredible shock absorption and prying strength. These are so well designed in fact, that doctors in Canada are actually promoting these hammers to workers in the trades to help prevent lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow, for those of us who clearly did not make it into Med School).

Stiletto has also recently launched replacement grips for the TBRG (sold separately) so that you can truly customize your Stiletto Hammer!

If you need durability and prying strength in a lighter frame, they also offer fiberglass hammers that are perfect for rough framing and remodeling applications. For added shock absorption, they have their Hickory handled hammers, made with USA Hickory to deliver 10 times less recoil shock than standard steel hammers. 

While hammers are certainly what they’re best known for, Stiletto does offer more premium tools as well: striking tools, squares, pry bars, and accessories. Make sure to check out Stiletto today to truly experience the innovative quality they have set out to provide!

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