It’s getting to be that time of year again; the slight chill in the air is a sure enough sign that winter is coming, and what better way to get prepared for the cold days and long frigid nights than by stocking up on PIP’s new heated gear!

The new 399-HEATPACK hand warmers may be small in size coming in at only 2” x 3.5”, but they bring the heat when you need it most. They’re air activated, so all you’ve got to do is pop the wrapper open, give the packet a quick shake, and within two to five minutes, your hands will feel like they’ve been transported back to the dog days of summer, with a bonfire roaring on the beach, a nice warm burger in your grip, and not a care in the world.

But why stop there? Throw a couple in your hat to keep your ears warm while you’re out in the field or shoveling the driveway, or even in your boots; you’ll barely notice you’re outside (well, maybe except for all the snow).

These hand warmers provide over eight full hours of blissful warmth, and if you find you won’t be needing them for that long, throw them in an airtight container so the heating process can be suspended, and they’ll warm right back up when you need them. They’re non-toxic as well, and are safe to use for all ages.

The new Boss-branded 399-HG20 rechargeable glove liners are slim enough to slide right underneath your favourite pair of gloves, and come with three different temperature settings so you can give your hands the ultimate vacation.

The four-way stretch material allows these to fit practically any hand size, and the extra long cuff will keep frosty drafts and snow from getting into the glove while you’re working. Each liner comes with its own lithium ion poly battery, which zip up into its own protective pocket, so you won’t have to worry about moisture getting into any ports or cables.

The liners themselves are machine washable, with their heating elements designed to last at least fifty full wash cycles, and provide 2.5 hours of warmth on the lowest heat setting. When you’re ready to charge them up, simply disconnect the battery from the liner and plug it into the included dual-port charging cable that connects to any standard USB-A outlet, and within a couple of hours, they’ll be ready to roll.

Finally, PIP’s new 300-HV100 Boss-branded heated vest comes with two-way locking Velcro straps, which provide a secure fit for any body type. Heating elements on the chest and back provide up to seven hours of heat at the lowest of three temperature control settings, and can also help to relieve muscle pain from the cold.

The vest is machine washable as well, and includes a battery operated remote for the temperature settings, which you can crank all the way up to 135°F; pop this over your shirt before heading out and you’ll feel the need to invite the gang over for a nice barbecue. Will they think you’re crazy for suggesting such a thing? Who cares! You’re bundled up in PIP gear; the cold won’t stop you!

PIP’s new heated gear options are coming to Ohio Power Tool soon, so keep an eye out to make sure you’ll be spending your winter like it’s summer; you may even want to change into shorts again!