Milwaukee just announced a new range of striking tools and automotive hammers to their hand tool lineup! The new striking axes and hammers are optimized for precise wood splitting and increased efficiency on the jobsite. These are great for demo work, carpentry, remodelers, tree service, and beyond for quicker and more accurate cuts. The automotive hammers are ideal for mechanics and can be used for a variety of automotive applications.

15oz Drywall Hammer

Steel Ball Peen Hammers

The new Milwaukee 16oz & 24oz Steel Ball Peen Hammers are designed to target common frustrations within the automotive industry. They deliver up to 10x more vibration reduction than competitive brands thanks to Milwaukee’s SHOCKSHIELD Grip. The hammer’s precision balanced design offers more control when swinging to strike objects. The steel ball peen hammer’s I-beam handle is designed to withstand bending for added durability. These hammers are designed for body work, shaping metal, rounding off rivets, or striking chisels and punches. The two different head sizes paired with a lightweight body makes them suitable for various applications.

24oz Steel Ball Peen Hammer

Dead Blow Hammers

The Milwaukee 16oz & 32oz Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammers have maximum control when striking with minimal rebound. The premium steel shot fill greatly reduces rebound on impact compared to similar models that are typically sand filled. These hammers also have a steel-reinforced handle that is resistant to peeling when exposed to solvents. The dead blow ball peen hammer’s precision balanced design, paired with the overmold handle and anti-slip grip, offer more control when swinging the hammer. These are meant to offer minimal rebound when striking materials, rounding off rivets, and striking chisels and punches. These also have two types of heads for added versatility in mechanic and repair applications.

32oz Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammer

The Milwaukee 28oz and 48oz Dead Blow Hammers deliver the highest impact with minimal effort when swinging. These hammers also have a steel-reinforced handle and are resistant to peeling when exposed to solvents, similar to the Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammers. These 2 Dead Blow Hammers work best for striking surfaces that cannot be marred, hitting tires out of place, and striking large diameter punches. The overmold again provides maximum rebound absorption when striking and prevents sparking.

28oz Dead Blow Hammer

Striking Splitting Axes

Milwaukee’s new 26” & 16” Splitting Axes are both designed for quicker and easier splits. The combination of the axe’s precision beveled blade and optimized head weight provide you with the ability to split wood precisely and efficiently. These wood-splitting axes also have a reinforced handle, making it the most durable handle in the industry. The wear-resistant grip allows you to swing confidently without the grip wearing away over time. Both sizes of the axes come with a sheath included.

26″ Splitting Axe

Drywall Hammer

The Milwaukee 15oz Drywall Hammer is designed to reduce vibration with a reinforced handle. The drywall hammer is equipped with Milwaukee’s SHOCKSHIELD Grip, reducing vibration up to 10x more than the competition, and is the most durable grip in the industry. The hammer’s I-Beam handle is designed to withstand bending for added durability over time, while the drywall hatchet end allows for easy drywall scoring and carrying. This hammer’s precision balanced design also reduces the “head-heavy” feeling many other drywall hammers have, providing more control for a smooth striking experience.

15oz Drywall Hammer

Milled Face Poly/Fiberglass Hammer

The Milwaukee 21oz Milled Face Poly/Fiberglass Hammer is designed to have the most durable fiberglass handle in the industry. The hammer features a long fiberglass core as well as a precision balanced design and milled face to deliver superior control and increase driving performance. The hammer’s magnetic nail set is designed to allow you to set nails one-handed and increase productivity on the jobsite. This hammer also features a rip claw back for applications where prying will be done frequently.

21oz Milled Face Poly/Fiberglass Hammer

Milwaukee’s new hammers and axes are available for pre-order NOW at Ohio Power Tool! If you have any questions about these new releases or anything else from Milwaukee, give us a call at 800-242-4424, email us at, or leave a comment below for assistance. We’re always happy to help! To be the first to know about new products and deals, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!