It’s rare for us to talk about products that have already been released as opposed to new items yet to come, but some tools are just so good that they’re worth talking about for awhile. Bosch grinders, especially as compared to other manufacturer’s offerings, can get a little confusing. Not only are there options for braking, variable speed, and all the other various implementations found across the board, they’ve also included a feature specific to Bosch grinders, which they invented themselves: X-Lock Technology. So, let’s dive right in on the key differences between Bosch grinders and the rest of the competition.

For this breakdown, we’ll be looking at two Bosch grinders: the GWS18V-13CB14, and the GWX18V-13CN. Both run on the ultimate performance of the 18V lithium ion battery platform; both are included in Bosch’s PROFACTOR line of professional grade tools, delivering unparalleled performance at unbeatable prices; and both take advantage of Bosch’s BITURBO brushless motor technology, allowing for smooth, high performance output. Only one of them, however, includes X-Lock technology. 

GWS18V-13CB14 with the optional dust extractor attachment.

The GWS18V-13CB14 (a mouthful, we know; let’s agree to refer to it as “CB” from here on out) includes all the great features you know and love from a Bosch grinder. PROFACTOR technology delivers the equivalent of a 13-amp corded grinder with even more control than before, a brake system helps to stop the wheel faster once the power is cut to the tool, and restart protection helps prevent accidental startup if power is interrupted. You’ve also got the option to set this up with the Bosch Toolbox app to customize your settings and receive feedback on tool use. With Bosch’s exclusive CoolPack 2.0 technology to provide even quicker cooling than previously, and electronic clutch control to help power down the tool if it gets stuck, the CB is one of the go-to grinders when it comes to the Bosch line.

CB in action!

Similarly, the GWX18V-13CN (“CN” for easier reading) provides the same PROFACTOR technology offering 13-amps of power, electronic clutch control, restart protection, and connectivity to the Toolbox app as its CB counterpart, while also featuring Bosch’s X-Lock technology to provide a tool-free disc swap. Click-in mounting disposes of the need for spanners or flange nuts while switching grinding wheels, for a swap-out that’s nearly five times quicker than traditional grinders. X-Lock technology also introduces the X-Brake, which helps to provide a quicker stop to the wheel once power is cut, and spiral bevel gears help to provide a smooth transition of power from the tool to the grinding application.

CN grinding away!

Bosch has some of the best grinders on the market, and X-Lock technology helps put them just that much further ahead than the competition. If you’re in the market for a new Bosch grinder, be sure to click the links we’ve listed throughout this article as well as down here, and be sure to follow us wherever you consume social media to stay up to date on all the latest savings, announcements, deals, and more!