Look, we all get it, SawStop technology is fascinating, and their safety features are unmatched. However, the SawStop is much more than it’s safety. It’s easy to put aside the hot dog demonstrations and bloody finger pictures, turn on bypass mode and look at this product for what it is; a solid Table Saw.

The Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS) is the staple of SawStop’s line up. We have multiple options to consider. It all depends on the application, usage, portability, budget and space. Recently SawStop released an updated version of their smallest saw, the 1.5HP Jobsite Saw PRO. However, if you’re needing a whole lot of power and size, you could jump all the way up to their 7.5HP, 3 phase, 480V Industrial Cabinet Saw (not listed on our website, but we can certainly get it for you).

Basically, you have three size options to choose for each of the two PCS motor configurations. THEN you can pick/choose out of several accessory options to really maximize your saw. Let’s break it down and see if we can figure out which option is best for you.

Motor Configurations

  • 1.75HP, 120V, 14A (PCS175)
  • 1.75HP, 220V (user config. with optional kit), 14A (PCS175)
  • 3HP, 230V, 1PH, 13A (PCS3120)

Model Options

  • 30″ Rip Capacity & Premium Fence Assembly
  • 36″ Rip Capacity & T-Glide Fence Assembly
  • 52″ Rip Capacity & T-Glide Fence Assembly

Once you have your Motor and Model Option figured out, that is your base package. Keep in mind, you must purchase the saw package as they’re not sold individually. Next, you’ll want to collect your accessories.

Choose Mobility

You have two options to select for Mobility. The Integrated Mobile Base gives limited mobility, allowing a more “back and forth” movement. The ICS Mobile Base looks a bit more familiar with stationary equipment and allows 360 degree movement.

Dust Collection

Outfeed Tables

Sliding Tables

Now through the end of April 2020, when you purchase a PCS Table Saw, SawStop will let you choose between a PCS Integrated Mobile Base or Overarm Dust Collection Arm. It’s a nice little intensive to upgrade your table saw. The free items are shipped directly from SawStop via E-Rebate.

Like every item we sell at Ohio Power Tool, we’d be more than happy to assist you finding the right tool for the job. Comment or give us a call anytime.