Long ago, in the before times of 2009, there was only the Fein Multimaster, it was not cheap, nor were it’s accessories, mostly for professional and even then had a lot of applications for many different industries. When the Fein Tool patent ran out, we had an explosion of tool brands coming on board to OIS, pretty much every single one of them, at every different price point. With that came a lot of different options in blades, Imperial Blades has been one of the leaders in innovations for the category and have introduced a lot of improvements that have made a lot of people rethink the way they do a lot of tasks and reach for their oscillating tool over a jigsaw, grinder, recip, rotozip or any number of hand tools for a lot of applications. If you still only use yours for flush cuts on door jams, it’s time to rethink what’s possible with oscillating tools? 

Drywall 4-N-1 Blade

You’ve probably seen the footage of how old school drywallers use hatchets to do pretty much everything, some still in the workforce rocking the hatchets because it’s what they know. The Rotozip has become more common power tool over the past few decades for making holes for can lights and outlets to replace using hand tools, but has issues and burn out pretty quickly. The Imperial 4-N-1 Drywall Blade has a lot of versatility, push cuts, pull cuts, depth gauge and pierce tool. Curved blade is ideal for straight cuts and narrow pull blade is great for curved cuts. A lot of versatility overall and with a little practice some true wizardry is possible, we’ve got no question we could see this blade being a staple for many professionals.        

Carbide Extreme Metal Blades

When the oscillating tools hit the market they all had “metal blades” available, everyone grabbed the blade and thought this is perfect solution for that hard to reach screw or bolt… then quarter the way through realized the bi-metal blade has lost all it’s teether and it wasn’t going to make the cut. If it’s been awhile since you’ve used your oscillating tool to cut anything other than thin metal or aluminum it’s time to give them another try with a carbide toothed metal blade IBOAT360, they can actually cut real metal now. Think of the difference between carbide vs bi-metal circular saw blades for cutting metal, if you are thinking there are no bi-metal circular saw blades, you are right they are all carbide toothed because that’s what works, same with OIS at least for thicker & harder metal you need carbide.      

Speartooth Fast Cutting Blades for Wood & PVC

So another common misconception is that OIS blades are only good for specialty applications but not very fast at cutting. This is no longer correct, when it comes to cutting wood, 1” thick material for instance the Imperial Speartooth Blades IBOA200 or IBOA250 are as fast as many jigsaw or even recip blade options. Same goes for PVC, the Speartooth design is increadably aggressing and but you get all the control and plunge ability you expect from an oscillating tool.     

One-Fit or StarLock What is Better?

It’s really a tough call, both are great options and very secure. It really comes down to what brand you are using for your oscillating tools, ONE-FIT is going to work with Milwaukee, Makita, Dewalt, Ridgid as well as others. StarLock is a newer system, going to work with Bosch, Fein, Festool, Metabo with more coming on all the time.

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