If you’re installing rafter and truss fasteners without using the Quik Stik Rafter and Truss Fastening System from Simpson Strong-Tie, you’re doing things the hard way! The Quik Stik is the safest, quickest, and easiest way to get the job done, extending your reach in overhead assembly installation so ladders are no longer needed, or for ease of use fastening below you without needing to bend down. It is designed to be used with Strong-Drive SDWC Truss Screws, which are reinforced for stud-to-bottom plate or stud-to-top plate connections. This combination provides a safe, reliable solution that will save you a ton of time on the job.

The Quik Stick allows users to reach high truss for fastening applications without the help of ladders.

How It Works

The Quik Stick extender attaches to any standard  drill or driver to add an extra 43" of reach.

The Quik Stik system is often considered the new standard for overhead assembly installation of rafter and truss connections. The Quik Stik connects to any standard drill or driver to serve as an extension for reaching high up, down to the ground, or in hard-to-reach places. The guide plates at the end of the extender help secure the screw into the top plate or stud. It is easy to use and gives a comfortable angle for installation. This device can drive screws overhead in a standing position without a ladder, making it much safer and quicker to complete multiple installations.

The bubble level attachment helps users find the perfect angle for installation.

Work From Any Angle

The Quik Stik system installs fasteners at multiple different angles with ease. Screws can be installed straight up, at the edge of the top plate, wide facing, narrow facing, or at the stud corner. The adjustable bubble level helps keep the tool at the proper angle for installation and can be moved to different points on the Quik Stik depending on the angle you are using. The nylon over-molded head keeps a secure grip on the top plate during screw installation for extra support. This tool is also very user friendly, offering great support for rafter and truss fastening without the fatigue that comes with reaching high above your head or at odd angles all day.

The Quik Stick can reach top plates that are 8-9' high, making it super easy for contractors to install fasteners from any angle.

The head of the extender features neon orange angle indicators that help place the Quik Stik at the perfect angle for installation. The 43″ long system can reach top plates that are 8-9′ high with ease. This tool is super simple to use and cuts the time it takes to install a screw to about 5 seconds, while similar tools still take over 30 seconds.

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