Get ready for your best Sheryl Crow impression folks, it’s almost summer which means it’s time to soak up that sun! If the promise of warm weather, fresh air, cookouts, and late night bonfires aren’t enough to get you excited for the new season, Festool have got a little something up their sleeves to get you in a summer mood, with four all-new tool releases that are available for pre-order right now!

Festool TS 60 K

First up is their TS60 K Track Saw, which Festool has redesigned from the ground up to include a host of new improvements, including a greater cutting depth of 2-7/16” at 90° and 1-9/16” at 45° while maintaining the same weight as Festool’s TS 55 F. The brushless EC-TEC motor provides a significant boost in power with the ability to reach up to 6800 RPM for quicker, more efficient work with less effort, while at the same time cutting down on engine maintenance over time. The TS60 K can be combined with an FSK Cross-Cut Guide Rail for maximum flexibility during both ripping and cross cutting with a portable system, increasing the saw’s versatility while on the job, and a unique Kickback Stop helps to reduce the risk of injury while sawing or plunge cutting your piece. The Kickback Stop can be switched off when sawing on uneven surfaces, and is reactivated automatically once the saw is powered back on. The sharp cutting edge remains unchanged from 90° to 47° even when the saw swivels, for precise, accurate cuts no matter what angle you find yourself cutting at, with a bevel angle of -1° to 47° that can be set easily and precisely at the front of the tool. 

Festool TS 60 K

The TS60 K also features a transparent sliding sight window and additional hash marks at the start and endpoints to provide a more complete view of the saw blade while working, and a unique FastFix spindle stop helps to provide quick and easy saw blade changes, with a compact design that allows the saw to lay on its side during changes and a form-fit connection to prevent anything getting caught in the clamping flange. Festool have also included a dual cutting depth indicator and extra fine adjustment settings to guarantee exact depth settings for your cut, while also improving handling during use. The improved Cleantec sleeve allows for a connection to Festool dust extractors, with another sight window that can be lowered for a virtually dust-free work environment. The slimline housing on the saw allows for up close cutting right to the edge of work pieces, and is able to get within half an inch of a wall.

Festool RG 130 ECI

Coming up next is a brand new RG 130 ECI diamond grinder, which will be perfect for paint, adhesives, and all sorts of other coatings. This grinder is a game changer in the grinding industry, using its EC-TEC brushless motor to provide outstanding levels of consistent power without the risk of overheating to achieve the perfect substrate in no time flat, while also helping out with the tool’s overall durability and longevity. The grinder is compatible with Festool’s mobile dust extractors to guarantee low dust levels while you work, as well as their pre-separator when working with high volumes of dust. Festool have also included an adjustable speed setting depending on the material you’re working on as well as the power requirements in order to keep the motor speed constant, even in the lower ranges, as well as an auxiliary handle with a soft grip to reduce vibrations that can be adapted quickly to different conditions or folded back entirely if need be.

Festool GHS 25

If you’re anything like this writer, you can’t get through your day without a little bit of music, but sometimes that’s difficult to do when you’re also required to have ear protection on the job. With Festool’s new GHS 25 in-ear protection, that problem is eliminated. The earbuds connect via Bluetooth to any phone, tablet, or other device to allow the option of listening to music or making phone calls with crystal clear audio, while also providing professional level ear protection that meets OSHA requirements. An innovative microphone technology allows ambient noises up to 79dB, such as regular conversation, through the monitor while acting as a noise suppression system to block out disruptive background noises on the jobsite, allowing you to listen to what you want to hear and providing ANSI-rated noise reduction of up to 25dB. A variety of different earplug styles will be made available to suit all jobsites and personal preferences as well.

Festool Planex Abrasive Systainer

Rounding out the summer releases from Festool is a brand new Planex Abrasive Systainer, which comes pre-packed with a variety of different grits in Festool’s premium professional-grade Granat abrasive gear to get to work on nearly any surface, from rough and coarse to smooth and fine. The abrasive sheets are packed in a custom inlay to protect against potential damage that comes during transport, and the Systainer system is easy to store, move, and organize on and off the jobsite. The Systainer box is available with or without the abrasive gear if you so choose!

Each of these all-new Festool items are available for pre-order at Ohio Power Tool right now, and you can snag yours at one of the various links throughout this post to be sure to get it delivered as soon as they release later on in June. Feel free to reach out with any comments, concerns, or questions at or 614-481-2111 and be sure to follow us on your favorite social media channels to stay up to date on all the latest news, announcements, deals, and more!