As we transition into the peak of summer, related illness from sun exposure and heat are increasingly becoming a threat. Here is some helpful information from OHSA on Heat Stress, but the good news is that most cases of heat related illness are preventable with proper planning and safety measures. Ohio Power Tool has a wide variety of products that address the key factors that lead to heat stress to keep you safe in the summer heat.

Throwing Shade

Many jobsites have few shaded areas for workers to get out of the sun. Even worse, sometimes the natural shade can be in a dangerous spot near where construction is happening. Having a shady and safe place to get out of the sun and take a break is vital in peak summer. SHAX tents are a convenient solution, easily popping-up in just a few minutes, and come in a variety of options to meet the needs of your jobsite. Available as 10’x10’ light-weight 6010 ($139), heavy-duty 6000 ($199), as well as the new, larger 20’x 10’ 6015 ($389), SHAX tents create all the quick, portable shaded space you need so that multiple people can cool down while remaining safely distanced on the jobsite. Partner these with 1 or 2 of the 10’ x 10’ side walls 6098 ($34) to block sun and/or the SHAX misting system 6095 ($69) to create a shady oasis anywhere in a matter of minutes. Even better, in the winter you can add a few additional side walls to create a nice space to warm up, making these beneficial on the jobsite year-round.   

Playing it Cool & Safe

In 2020, many additional safety measures have been put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Some of these measures need to be carefully considered, however, to ensure that they will not increase your risk of heat related illness. For years, the construction industry, fisherman and many others have utilized multi-band face coverings to minimize sun exposure when worn over the face. The majority of these coverings can also be soaked in ice water to retain cooling properties for hours on end. While most masks being used to protect from COVID may unnecessarily make the user more susceptible to heat stress, the great news is that these multi-band face coverings, are excellent substitutes for face coverings and are in accordance with the new safety protocols. Cooling towels, hard hat head bands and vests are other great cooling solutions if an N95 or other sort of respirator need to be worn.

To keep hands clean and reduce the spread of germs, Igloo has launched two new solutions for portable hand washing stations. These 5 gallon ($39) and 10 gallon ($59) models are just like their other coolers, but are painted high-viz green and utilize a different spout to make for quick and easy hand washing stations wherever you need them. They designed these to be clearly distinguishable from the Igloo water coolers for your drinking water to ensure there is no mix-up when you have both coolers on site.   

Stay Hydrated

One of the most obvious and serious concerns on the jobsite is staying hydrated. Ohio Power Tool offers a wide range of jobsite coolers to ensure that you have somewhere to keep all of your cool items such as drinks, snacks and cooling coverings. With cooler options ranging from 12 to 120 Quarts, we’re happy to provide you with just the right cooler you need for the job.