Each year, the Environmental Protection panel selects a winner for the top products of the year in a variety of categories. These products are recognized for making professionals’ jobs a little easier. For the Monitoring category, the RKI 4 Gas Monitor GX-3R was selected as the 2020 winner. If you are actively using gas detection, this might be enough to spark the question: how does this new monitor stack up against the MSA or Honeywell you’re most likely using today? Is it possibly a better monitor for your application?

How the RKI GX-3R Wins

OSHA defines the breathing zone as a 10” radius around the worker’s nose & mouth, and requires that worker exposure monitoring air samples be collected in the breathing zone. Air sampling filters may be attached to the collar or lapel.  Traditionally, this means that only a single gas monitor would be small enough for a worker to wear practically “in the breathing zone.” The
GX-3R is unique because it is half the size and weight of popular competitors like Clip4 or Altair 4XR, and is actually the first 4 gas monitor smaller than many single gas monitors.

The GX-3R, the world’s smallest 4 gas monitor weighing only 3.52 ounces, can comfortably be clipped within a worker’s breathing zone. It simultaneously monitors and displays LEL combustibles, O2, CO (Hydrogen compensated CO also available), and H2S.

The GX-3R represents the latest evolution of gas detection technology utilizing a new generation of micro sensors. The LEL sensor has a unique design with two active filaments in one sensor to increase it’s resistance to silicone poisoning. If one filament gets poisoned, the second filament takes over. The new O2 sensor is electrochemical with a 3 to 5 year life span.  H2S and CO are now available in a combo micro sensor. 

Bluetooth & Phone App with GX-3R Pro

In nearly the same size, with just about an ounce more in weight, there is also a GX-3R Pro 5 Gas Monitor, which includes some additional benefits. A 5th gas sensor is included for infrared or toxic gases that might be more relevant for your applications. The GX-3R Pro also adds Bluetooth connectivity for both iOS and Android users. This feature allows direct display of readings and man-down alarms on your mobile device. If there is an alarm event, an automatic notification is sent by text or email to those that need notified right away so that assistance can be provided.

Sample Draw Pumps for GX-3R or GX-3R Pro

Functionality is improved by utilizing an easy Sample Draw Pump that simply clicks onto existing units. This means that 1 pump can be used by multiple users, or can be added at any point for remote sampling to either of the units in the future. Hose lengths from 10’ to 100’ are available. While the sampling pump adds size and weight, this provides additional benefits and is not something you need to wear around all the time. There are differing pumps for the GX-3R and the GX-3R Pro.

Who is RKI?

RKI Instruments has been operating for over 25 years and partners with Riken Products, a business that has been innovating for more than 75 years, for exclusive North American distribution of their Gas Monitors. Riken is notable for developing the first combustible gas monitor with catalytic sensors in 1938, the world’s first 3 gas monitor in 1978, world’s first belt clip 4 gas monitor in 1986, and the world’s first ultra-compact 4 gas monitor in 2009. In 2019, together RKI and Riken launched the GX-3R and GX-3R Pro, which offer new, unique advantages for keeping their users safe.

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